Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Fall, Y'all!

This week we celebrated fall.  We began to learn all about how the season change and all the fun happenings of fall.

The students learned about how the trees and leaves change in the fall.  They learned that the trees begin to prepare for winter and they begin to lose their leaves in the fall.  The leaves turn colors and fall from the trees.  The students painted fall leaves to decorate our classroom.   

Painting fall trees with our handprint and fingerprints.  

We read this wonderful book, "The Little Scarecrow Boy".

We all made our own scarecrows.  

Candy corn men! 

We read some wonderful books about fall.  The students are becoming very good at determining which books are fiction and non-fiction books. 

This week we learned the letter Nn. 

Nn is for noodle.  We worked as a team and dyed noodles for Noodle Necklaces! 

Stringing the Noodle Necklaces 

Nn is for Noodle Necklace! 

We continued to practice learning, comparing, writing, counting sets with numbers 0-10. 

Practicing on the iPads, a class favorite. 

The students are hard workers during reading centers, they are becoming excellent readers.  They practice blending and reading sight words. 

Happy Birthday, Tillon! 

Student of the Week: Ja'Kereah 

Coming Up...
Thematic Unit: Fire Safety
Phonics/Reading: Letter Ff
Math: Numbers 0-10
Sight Words: a, of, we, me, come, with, the, I, like, and, is, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, black, brown, white

Pizza Hut Book-It Program - Beginning the month and continuing through the Spring, students will have the opportunity to participate in the Book-It program sponsored by Pizza Hut.  The students will have one month to read 15 books.  They can some books to you (their phonics readers count) and parents can read books to them.  A recording page will be sent home for you to record the books you read on Monday.  When you complete the recording page within the month, return to school, and your child will receive a coupon for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut!

Friday, October 5 - Scholastic Book Orders due

Friday, October 19 - Students having been counting each day of school since school began.  On Friday, October 19, it will be the 50th day of school.  All of the students at PLE will celebrate by have a 1950's inspired celebration.  Students are encouraged to dress like the 1950's (poodle skirts, blue jeans, leather jackets, etc.).  Everyone will get to join in a school wide "Sock Hop" too!

Thursday, October 25 - Kindergarten Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!  

Wednesday, October 31 - Fall Party at 1:00 PM - Some parents have signed up to help with refreshments for this party, if you haven't signed up and would like to help please email me, 

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