Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apples and Letter Pp

This week we had school pictures.  The students all look great for school picture day!

 We learned the letter Pp this week, what a PERFECT letter!


 Polka Dot P

 And we had a "Purple Polka Dot P Party!"
We enjoyed Pizza, Popcorn, Pretzels, Pink Punch, on polka dot plates and polka dot cups.

Students used the letter stamps to spell sight words.

 The students have become very responsible, this week they got to learn from the iPads.  This was a great treat, they are already become little wizards!

 The thematic unit was apples, what a tasty unit!  The students learned all about the seasons of an apple tree, the life cycle of an apple, and they enjoyed learning about Johnny Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed.  One student even said he wanted to work on an apple orchard when he grew up!  

 Apple Glyph - Creating personalized apples!  Boys, green - Girls, red
They drew the seeds based on how old they were.  If they liked apples they added a worm.

 It was so interesting to learn about how the seasons change and how the apple tree grows throughout the year.  The students painted a mural of the seasons of an apple tree.

 Winter and Spring

 Summer and Fall

 Throughout the week the students brought in apples, we graphed everyone's apple.  We had the most red apples in our class.  Then it was time to investigate!

 Everyone put on their "Investigation Glasses" and had an "Apple Investigation".  They weighed their apple, measured it, found out if it had a stem and then we cut it open to see the core and seeds.

 We also learned that when the apples are harvest from the apple orchard they are sold to markets.  Many foods are made from apples.  We couldn't talk about all these yummy foods without trying them out.  So we had an Apple Feast!!
Apple juice, apple sauce, apple jelly, apple butter, fresh apples, and apple pie

 Eliza found a worm and shared it with us for Show-and-Tell.

 Pp Show-And-Tell - Polka dots and Pillow Pet

 Student of the Week: Cayden

Coming Up...
Phonics: Nn
Math: Numbers 0-10
Thematic Unit: Fall
Sight Words: we, me, with, come, see, the, and, I, like, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, black, brown, white

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