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This week we learned the letter Ss.  The students worked very hard to learn how to form this letter correctly and to practice saying the /s/ sound.  They are also learning sight words.  This week the sight word was "like".  In reading they began to read sentences with the sights words "I" and "like".

The letter Ss means we get to wear SILLY SOCKS to school!!

These sure are some silly socks!

The students drew a picture of their silly socks and completed the words by adding an "S" to the beginning.

 Snake starts with S. 

 And SQUIRREL starts with Ss too!!  Brody has a special pet that he shared with us this week.  We were all so excited Brody shared this special "S" Show-and-Tell with us!  And a special thanks to Brody's mom, Mrs. Kaci, too!

 Great Ss books.

 We also learned about colors this week.  We learned that you can mix primary colors to create secondary colors.  These two books "Mouse Paint" and "White Rabbit's Color Book" are excellent at explaining how to mix colors.

Each day we had a "color" Show-and-Tell





 Doing our own color mixing, everyone thought this was so "cool"!

 We also began to learn how to read and spell color words.  We sang a song for each color word and began reading these words in print.

Graphing your favorite color

 Our reading story this week was "How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?".  We discussed fiction and nonfiction texts and made predictions about the story.  We also discussed the book elements (author, illustrator, title, title page and front cover and back cover). 

 We continued to learn about shapes.  Everyone loved the edible school buses and identifying the shapes that make up a bus.  A rectangle graham cracker, square Chex cereal windows, and circle oreo wheels.

 "Open House" is tomorrow night, we made some special crafts for the big day.  

Self Portraits 

 Another special "Open House" craft --- You'll have to come to find out why we painted our feet!

Student of the Week: Maddox

Coming Up...
Phonics: Aa
Math: 2D shapes and Positional Words
Thematic Unit: All About Me
New Sight Word: the
Sight Words (already introduced): I, like
Color words to practice reading by sight: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, brown, purple, pink, white

Monday, August 27 - Grandparents' Day Lunch - All grandparents are invited to lunch tomorrow.  Our class will go to lunch at 11:10 AM.  Please met in our classroom and we'll walk together to the cafeteria.  After lunch grandparents may take their grandchild to the book fair in the school library if they choose.

Monday, August 27 - Open House, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM - Families are welcome to come and see what your special kindergartener has been learning at school.

Spirit Fridays - Every Friday during football season is "Spirit Fridays".  Students may wear a spirit T-shirt (any Purvis T-shirt) on Fridays to support the PHS football team.  Go Tornadoes!

Monday, September 3 - No school, Labor Day Holiday

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