Monday, September 3, 2012

Grandparents' Day

We had several special guest this week.  One of our guest was Hurricane Isaac!  Our school and classroom were fine during the storm, but the weather kept us at home for two and a half days!  But we managed to learn a lot and have loads of fun on the days we were at school!

The "Book Fair" began this week.  Our school librarian, Mrs. DeFatta, hosts the book fair in the library.  You can still purchase books if you haven't already, the book fair is open until September 13. 

On Monday, the students invited their grandparents to lunch.  This was a very special day!  We all enjoyed having these wonderful guest.  Watch the video below.  The students sang a couple of songs for their grandparents.  Please share with your families!

 Brody's grandmother, Mrs. Margie, read us a book.  Thanks, Mrs. Margie!

 On the way to lunch!

 What a wonderful day!  A special thanks to everyone who shared in our day and made our students feel extra loved.

 Monday night was "Open House".  Thanks to all our families who came!

 We had some of our worked displayed for our families. 

 This week we learned our first vowel, we learned the letter Aa.  We learned the short sound of Aa as in "apple". 

 "Ant" says /a/ and starts with "A".  Everyone loved eating "ANTS" on a log (ants - raisins, log - pretzel rod, mud - peanut butter). 

 Alligator puppets for A.

 The alligator ate an apple!

 Everyone really enjoyed the book "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom".

 Our chicka, chicka trees had coconuts that spelled our names.

 Yummy chicka trees!

 Happy Birthday, Brody!

 Student of the Week: Camdyn

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