Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lots of February Fun

This week we learned about several different topics.  We discussed our five senses and dental health.  We also celebrated Groundhog Day and had a fun Super Bowl day on Friday.

Listen to the students sing a fun Groundhog Day song with puppets.
"I'm a little groundhog in my hole.
On February 2 you will know,
If I see my shadow you will see
Six more weeks of winter for you and me!"

We read many great books about groundhogs, and learned some very interesting facts about these fun animals.


Groundhog cupcakes

 Shadow cookies

 This year Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.  So we traced our shadows on the Promethean board.

 We also discussed how important our five senses are.  These great books helped us explore our senses. 

 We made Mr. Senses, he had ringing ears, tasty mouth, scented nose, wiggly eyes, and feely hands. 

 The students really enjoyed these "feely bags".  They had to use their sense of touch to figure out what was inside.  Keep your eyes shut tight! 

 February is dental health month, we had a fun time learning about our beautify smiles.
This fun display shows the students giving a big grin to show their teeth! 

 We learned a lot from our guest, Mrs. Michelle.  She is a dental hygienist.  She brought a giant pair of teeth and a toothbrush to show us the correct way to brush our teeth. 

 The students loved this demonstration about how to floss.  Two students were the "teeth" and the other two used giant floss (jump rope) to floss between the teeth.

 We read many fiction and nonfiction books about dental health.  We learned that kids have 20 primary teeth and as they grow they will get 32 permanent teeth.

 Toothbrush craft

 Yummy apple smiles

 The students used marshmallow as teeth to complete a full set of permanent teeth.  They each took turns rolling a dot cube, they added that many teeth to their mouth until they reached a full set of 32 permanent teeth. 

 Friday we celebrated the Super Bowl.  Austin brought Super Bowl cupcakes!!

 Many of us wore football jerseys to school.

 We made these super cute football players and wrote our predictions about the big game. 

 Some of us predicted the Patriots to win. 

 Others chose the Giants. 

 And some wrote that either the Patriots or the Giants would probably win!
Great job writing, everyone!! Guess will all have to watch Sunday to see who wins!

 Student of the Week: Cruz 

Coming Up...
Phonics: Review skills
Math: Subtraction
Thematic Unit: Valentines

Tuesday, February 14 - Valentine's Day class party - 1:45 PM - Bring Valentine cards to exchange with classmates (a class list was sent home Wednesday).  Students may wear Valentine themed (red, pink, etc.) clothes to school on Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 20 - No school - Presidents' Day holiday

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