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This week we learned about DINOSAURS!!!  This may have been one of the students' favorite units yet!

We displayed these dinosaur drawings to give us a good reference as we learned about herbivores and carnivores.  The students enjoyed learning all about these prehistoric creatures.  They learned that dinosaur means "terrible lizard" and they also learned about the job of a paleontologist.  We may have some future fossil hunters in our class!

 The students loved learning the names of the dinosaurs, some of our favorites were the Tyrannosaurs Rex, Stegosaurs, Brontosaurs, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Iguanodon, and Pterodactyl.  

 We measured with dinosaurs.

 Played dino-bingo. 

 We enjoyed learning about the special job of a paleontologist.  It was cool to learn about how fossils are made and discovered.  We learned that many dinosaurs fossils were found in North America!  The students  used pasta to create a dino-skeleton. 

 Dinosaur rubbings

 After learning so much about these "terrible lizards", everyone had a favorite dinosaur.  We wrote which dino we would like for a pet.  This activity was based on one of our favorite books, "Buying, Selling and Caring For Your Dinosaur" by Laura Rennart.  The students then made a great dinosaur picture to accompany their writing. 

 We LOVED all these wonderful books.

 Bo shared some FABULOUS resources with us this week, they helped us learn some great facts!  Thank you, Bo! 

 Getting a great view of a T-Rex!

 Dinosaur memory match 

 Dinosaurs hatched from eggs, we cracked open some dinosaur eggs and practice our adding skills. 

 On the iPads we discovered a cool app that allows you to dig for fossils!  What fun!!  The students dug and discovered full dinosaur skeletons. 

 Check out that triceratops skeleton. 

 Then the dinosaur came to life.  Everyone loved this! 

 All week we worked on sequencing the steps that occur when a dinosaur turns into a fossil.  The students worked hard on their writing prompt throughout the week.  We made it extra fun by writing with special dinosaur pencils and rewarding our work with dinosaur stickers. 

 We wanted to get in on all this fossil fun.  We made homemade play-dough and then used plastic dinosaurs to create "fossils". 

The students worked together to mix up all the ingredients for the play-dough. 

 Stir, stir, stir! 

 Then add the color, mix it up really well! 


We also cooked up something yummy!  We made dinosaur chow, we used crushed bones (sugar), dirt (cocoa), squashed bugs (peanut butter), dead grass (oatmeal), fat (butter), and swamp water (milk). 

 Everyone took turns mixing up this interesting recipe. 

 And they gobbled it up like real dinosaurs!

 Joseph brought some modern day reptiles to share.  We know that dinosaur means "terrible lizard" but this lizard wasn't too terrible.  And the frogs were great!  These frogs were "fire-bellies", they had bright red bellies. 

 I was VERY thankful that Joseph kept such a tight grip on the frog!

 This week we learned combination qu!  Cruz brought in a quarter and Alexis and Morgyn brought quilts.  Good thinking!! 

 Student of the Week: Cayden

Coming Up...
Phonics: Long Vowels - We'll learn that long vowels "say their name"
Math: Subtraction
Thematic Unit: Dental Health and Five Senses

Yearbooks - If you are interested in purchasing a 2011-2012 PLE Yearbook the price is $33.  Please send in a check payable to "Purvis Lower Elementary" by Friday, February 3.  The yearbooks will be delivered in May.  

Super Bowl Celebration - Friday, February 3 - Students are encouraged to wear their favorite football jersey or T-shirt to celebration the Super Bowl.  

Valentine Party - Tuesday, February 14 at 1:45 PM - Students will exchange Valentine's with their classmates.  I will send home a list of our students' names for your child to address their Valentine cards.  If you haven't already, please send in a shoe box.  We will decorate them as mailboxes for the cards at the Valentine party. 

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