Sunday, January 22, 2012

100th Day and Winter!!

This week we celebrated the 100th day of school!  Everyone is 100 days smarter!!

In this video the students share what their favorite activities were during the first 100 days.  Enjoy!

The students dressed as if they were 100 years old.  They were so cute!

We read many fun books about the 100th day.  And we counted to 100 all day!

The students made a snack mix with 100 yummy treats!  They counted ten of each treat, there were ten groups.  Ten groups of ten make 100!

 They also made 100 day hats.  Each strip has 10 fun shapes, 10 strips in all make 100 fun shapes!

 The students used dotters, stamps, stickers, markers, and many other great supplies to create 100 objects on their hats.

 Self portraits of their 100 year old-selves! 

 Writing numbers to 100!

 The rest of the week we learned about winter.  Winter is a fun season and everyone enjoyed learning about arctic animals!

 Students made a snowman glyph.  They chose specific items for their snowman to match different questions, for example, blue polka dots means you have a brother, yellow means you have a sister.  Both blue and yellow mean you have a brother and a sister.  The students answered questions like this to create a snowman.

 One of our favorite arctic animals was the penguin.  Students learned many interesting facts about penguins.  Ask your child why penguins are white and black, or what color is a baby penguin?  They can even tell you where the penguin egg is kept until is hatches.  Remember they are 100 days smarter! 

 Penguin snacks

 Penguin handprints

 We watched a webcam from San Diego Zoo of the polar bear exhibit.  Very cool!

 The students made a snow globe, then wrote "If I lived in a snow globe I would...".  They wrote some creative answers like "...drink hot chocolate.", " a snowman.", "...make a snow angel.".

 Then they made snowballs!! 

 And a snowman! 

 We enjoyed these fun books about winter.  

 We especially enjoyed the book "Snow Dance".  In the story, the characters dance a snow dance to make it snow.  We danced our own snow dance.

 And then made it snow!!
The students worked together to make edible snowballs!  (Actually they were rice krispys, but we are very good at using our imaginations!). 

 After we made the snowballs, we dumped them in a bag of snow (powdered sugar) and made a ball rolled in snow.  

 Then ate the yummy treat!  Guess our snow dance really worked! 

 We also got to use our iPads this week, everyone's favorite center.  

 Practicing number words by ordering them in numerical order. 

 Writing subtraction sentences. 

 Student of the Week: Zaine

Coming Up...
Phonics: Combination Qu (as in "quilt" and "queen")
Math: Subtraction
Thematic Unit: Dinosaurs

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