Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bears and Pajama Day!

This week we learned about bears!  What a fun unit!  We learned about bears hibernating, and how they get ready for hibernation during the fall.  We also learned about other animals that hibernate and that they awake in the Spring.  It was a fun week of learning!

One of our favorite websites is  We learned a lot about hibernation from Annie and Moby!

Making brown bears

 Using the "tear art" technique to make teddy bears.

 Many of our activities had a bear theme, here the students graphed gummy bears by color.

 Students are creating numbers using a ten frame and teddy grahams. 

 The students have been practicing on correct letter formation of capital and lowercase letters.  Also, they have been working hard on writing sentences.  They are getting so SMART!!

 A number word was written on a teddy bear, students pulled a teddy bear card and match the number word to the written numeral.  Keep practicing your number words at home.  :)

 Measuring the capacity of containers using teddy bear counters.

 Next week we will be focusing on winter, we started to get ready for this fun unit by making penguins on Friday.

 Throughout the week we learned about bears hibernating, what better way to celebrate what we have learned than hibernating ourselves!  We did this by having "Pajama Day" on Friday!

 Everyone looked so cozy with their PJ's and teddy bears.

 We learned that animals must eat food during the fall to prepare for the winter and to hibernate.  We made sure we had plenty of food to make it through our winter hibernation.  We enjoyed a yummy waffle and cinnamon roll breakfast!

 The students took turns showing off their bears in a puppet show.

 Everyone enjoyed hibernating as they all watched "Monsters, Inc.".  

 Karli brought her new puppy for show-and-tell.

We celebrated three birthdays this week!
Happy Birthday, Cruz!

 Happy Birthday, Barrett and Houston!

 Student of the Week: Danielle

Coming Up...
Phonics: Xx and Ww
Math: Subtraction
Thematic Unit: Winter and 100th Day

Writing - The students are doing a great job and putting a great deal of hardwork into their writing assignments.  Continue to encourage your child as he/she continues to grow in the writing process.  You will notice in their signed papers that I have included many of their writing samples this week.  Praise your child for their handwork and ask them to read what they have written.  They are encouraged to use "inventive spelling" (spelling the words just as they hear them).  I have written the correct spelling under some of the words to help parents at home read the writing.  Continue to encourage inventive spelling (except for sight words they should be learning).  The more they practice, the more comfortable they will become, and the better writers and READERS they will be!

Monday, January 16 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No school

Thursday, January 19 - 100th day of school!!  Celebrate this fun day by dressing up like you are 100 years old!!

February 3 - Yearbook orders are due - If you are interested in purchasing a 2011-2012 PLE yearbook please do so no later than February 3.  The yearbooks will be in full-color and be delivered in May.  Make checks payable to "Purvis Lower Elementary", the cost is $33.00.

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