Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween and the Pumpkin Patch!!!

This was a great week!  We learned a lot at school and ended the week with a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

On Monday, we had a special visit from the fire department.  October is fire safety month, and they taught us some great ways to be safe and prepared if we ever have a fire around us.

Sparky was there too!

Bo and Jacob were selected by the fire department as the winners of the coloring contest from our class.

This week we began our "United Way" fundraiser.  This is a three week fundraiser.  There are days set aside as dress-up days, the students may bring $1 and wear a special costume to school.  The class with the most raised gets a pizza party!

 We collect some money for United Way!

 Sports Day

 Camouflage Day

 Wednesday was "Red Day" for Red Ribbon Week

 What a perfect week to learn the letter Rr!  It was "Red Ribbon Week" and we had red day AND Cruz brought his RABBIT!!  We were happy to meet Smokey! 

 We also made some cute Halloween crafts this week.

 These are super cute, we have gotten many compliments on these from other classes as they see them displayed in our hall.  These are "Trick or Treaters", they say "Boo!"  But don't be scared, when they lift up the ghost costume there is a picture of themselves underneath.

 We carved a real pumpkin last week, this week they had more carving fun on the Promethean board.

They practiced their numbers with a "Spooky Shaker."  They shake it up and open it to see where the game piece landed.  Then write the number and draw a set to match.

 Candy Corn Roll - Roll the dice with a partner, add your rolls together and eat the candy corn that matches the number rolled.  A very tasty way to practice adding!  

 Putting numbers in order from 0-10, using play-doh as a holder.

 Fun spider buckets to hold some yummy treats!

 We read many fun and silly Halloween books.

 Student of the Week: Barrett

 As if that wasn't enough fun, we went on a field trip too!!!!

 Mitchell Farms Pumpkin Patch
Enjoy all the pictures!!

Coming Up...
Phonics: Kk
Math: Addition
Thematic: Cowboys

Monday, October 31 - Students may wear their class T-shirts to school.  The class Fall Party will be at 1:00 PM.

Friday, November 4 - Cowboy Day - Students are encouraged to dress like cowboys and cowgirls!

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