Sunday, October 23, 2011

50th Day of School and Pumpkins!

This week was very fun and very eventful.  Tuesday was the 50th day of school.  The students count each day of school, we stop along the way at milestones.  The first is the 50th day of school!  It is exciting to celebrate learning.  Our next big number celebration will happen on the 100th day of school.

Everyone dressed in their 50's clothes!

 Enjoying root beer floats!

 Making records

 Rolling to 50

 Bubble gum blowing contest

 Gavin and Logan blew the biggest bubbles!

 The cafeteria also participated in all the 50's day fun!

 The cafeteria was decorated like a 1950's diner.

 We enjoyed hamburgers and french fries just like a diner.

 Then it was time for the "Sock Hop", the students learned dances from the 1950's in music leading up to the big 50th day.  They were great dancers and had loads of fun.

Here is a video of some of the great fun from the Sock Hop!

 Emma was selected from our class as the "Best Costume" for all of Kindergarten!

 The teachers had fun too!

 This week we learned two letters.  We first learned the letter Ss, everyone wore "silly socks" to school!

 Jacob brought a spaceship for Ss show-and-tell.

 We also learned the letter Ff, the students traced their feet and made "funny feet".

 Cruz and Joseph brought flashlights for Ff show-and-tell.

 We continued to practice writing this week.  Also the students took their first spelling test this week, they did fabulous!!!  Great work!!

 The thematic unit was "pumpkins".  We learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and read many great fiction and non-fiction books about pumpkins.  Everyone loved learning about pumpkins and this is a great way to get ready for the "Pumpkin Patch" field trip coming up!

 Making jack-o-lanterns

 The students made "magic pumpkins" by mixing together yellow and red paint and creating a pumpkin.

 The students used linking cubes to measure the heights of different pumpkins.

 Everyone's most favorite pumpkin activity, was carving a real pumpkin!
First everyone worked together to clean out the pumpkin.

 Then Ms. Marzoni carved a jolly-wolly pumpkin face!

 Happy Birthday, Cody!

 Student of the Week: Morgyn

Coming up...
Phonics: Rr
Math: Addition
Thematic Unit: Halloween and more pumpkins!

Spelling test will be given Thursday this week due to the field trip on Friday.

Red Ribbon Week and United Way-  This week is Red Ribbon Week, this is a week that students are taught lessons about "saying no to drugs."  Also, for the next two weeks students will be bringing in donations for the United Way.  
Monday - Wear silly socks to "sock it to drugs" for Red Ribbon Week
Tuesday - Sports Day - bring $1 for United Way and wear your favorite sports uniform
Wednesday - Wear red day for Red Ribbon Week
Thursday - Camo Day - bring $1 for United Way and wear camouflage 

Friday, October 28 - PUMPKIN PATCH FIELD TRIP!!  - Students will need to wear their class T-shirt to school that day (our class T-shirt is aqua blue). 

Monday, October 31 - Halloween party at 1:00 PM, students may wear their class T-shirts to school on this day.

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