Sunday, October 16, 2011

Community Helpers and Letter Ii

This week was a short three day week, we enjoyed "Fall Break" at the beginning of the week.  But we still had plenty of time to learn all about community helpers!

The students enjoyed completing the community helper puzzle sets.

 Making doctor hats

 And doctor bags

 Tool belts

 Tasty firetrucks and traffic lights!

 We read many great books that taught us some of the important jobs of community helpers.  We also learned about fire safety and that we need to "Stop, Drop and Roll"!

 We learned the most from the community helpers themselves!  On Friday, many community helpers visited our school and talked to us about their jobs.  They also showed us some of the equipment and tools they use to do their jobs.  This was so exciting, the students loved learning from these special guests.

Purvis Fire and Resuce

 Sheriff's Department 

 One of our favorite guest was this very brave police dog.

 ASAP Ambulance 

 Bo's dad is a State Trooper, everyone loved asking questions and Bo was very proud of his dad.  Mr. Jason let all the students get in the car and make the siren and horns go off!  Super cool!

 Pearl River Valley Power Association

Cody's dad works with the Emergency Management.  He had many cool tools and lots of equipment to share with us.  Cody was very proud to have his dad at school with us.  Thank you, Mr. James!

 Everyone got coloring books, crayons and rulers from the community helpers.  What a fun day!!  We are very thankful for all they do to help our community and we loved having them at our school!

 This week we learned the letter Ii, Joseph and Jacob brought "indian hat" and "Ironman" for Show-and-Tell.  Incredible!!

 Happy Birthday, Cayden!

 Happy Birthday, Morgyn!

 Student of the Week: Logan

Coming Up...
Phonics: Ss and Ff
Math: Addition 0-10
Thematic Unit: Pumpkins

Monday, October 17 (tomorrow!) - We will be learning the letter Ss, don't forget to wear "Silly Socks" to school!

Monday, October 17 - Report cards will be sent home.  Please review your child's progress, sign and return the following day.

Tuesday, October 18 - 50th Day of School - Wear your clothes from the 1950's as we celebrate 50 days of school.  Kindergarten will participate in a Sock Hop beginning at 12:35 PM in the gym!

Friday, October 28 - Pumpkin Patch field trip to Mitchell Farms, Collins, MS - Wear your class T-shirt to school on this day.

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