Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spider Mania and a Monster Mash

This week we learned all about SPIDERS!!  The students loved learning about these creepy, crawly creatures!

Watch this super cute video of the students playing a game show called 'Spider Mania', they learned a lot about spiders!!

They went on a spider hunt, digging for spiders, then counting how many they found and recording their findings.

Hanging spiders, these look great hanging from the ceiling in our classroom.

Spider games at the computer center.

Bo brought in a book that told us about the wolf spider and the black widow!

We created a class graph answering the question "Are you afraid of spiders?".

Most of the students voted "no" they weren't afraid, but I have a feeling they may not be so brave if a real tarantula were around!

This week we learned the letter Mm!  What a marvelous letter!

Graphing the M&M colors.

Making monsters for M!

We loved the books, "Go Away, Big Green Monster!" and "Louie and the Monsters".

On Friday, we ended our fun Mm week.  We had a "Monster Mash", the students made monster hats for the big Mm finale.

Marshmallows on M

This week we explored with reading and writing our own sentences.  The students read these predictable sentences, "I am a ___ monster." and matched the color word with each sentence.

Then the students completed their own sentences, reading and filling in the words they could read and write.  They sure did work hard!!

They read their second book for the phonics libraries at home, "Hop on the Mop".  Keep practicing these books at home, remember practice makes great readers.

The students wrote a sentence from their book, they wrote the sentence "Tom got a mop.".  They are working to try to sound out and write the words they can read.  Everyone practice spacing between words and beginning their sentences with capital letters.

After all that hard work, it was time for the "Monster Mash" for the letter Mm!

They played "pin the eye of the cyclops".

They balanced candy eyeballs in the "eyeball drop".

Then it was time for a monster stomp, this game is much like musical chairs.  The students stomp like a monster and land on a monster foot when the music stops.

We ended Mm week with some yummy "Monster Munch".  We added marshmallows, Milky Way, and M&Ms. Mmmmm!

Mm Show and Tell - Marshmallows, mask, mittens, and mouth wash.

Cayden showing us "magic" for the letter Mm.

Bo lost a tooth (Ms. Marzoni is a pro-tooth-puller!) :)

Student of the Week: Karli

Coming Up...
Phonics: Ii
Math: Addition
Thematic Unit: Community Helpers

Monday, October 17 - Report Cards will be sent home, please review your child's progress, sign and return the next day.

Tuesday, October 18 - 50th day of school!!  Dress like the 1950's as we have a Sock Hop to celebrate.  Kindergarten Sock Hop is from 12:35-1:20 in the gym.

Friday, October 28 - Pumpkin Patch Field Trip - wear your class T-shirts

Monday, October 31 - Fall Refreshments - 1:00 PM

Friday, November 4 - Cowboy Day - Dress-up like cowboys and cowgirls

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