Sunday, February 27, 2011

Presidents' Day

This week we celebrated Presidents' Day and learned about the Presidents.  We learned about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and the important job of being the President of the United States.

Making George Washington crafts, the students were fascinated with the idea of him having wooden teeth.  As you can see by some of their illustrations. 

We also discussed our nation's colors, red, white and blue.  We made patterns with stars.

The students enjoyed learning facts about the national bird, the bald eagle.  They worked as a team to complete a chart on the facts that they learned.

We also learned that portraits of our Presidents are on our money.  The students played a coin flipping game with the penny, the loved flipping the coin and telling one another that Abraham Lincoln was on heads.

The students also reviewed their number words by identifying and matching each numeral to the correct number word.

Another fun fact we learned was that Abraham Lincoln was the tallest President at 6'4".  The students measured themselves beside an outline of Honest Abe.  They marked their height with stickers. 

The most eventful activity of the week was our class election.  We learned a little about the process of the real President getting elected and wanted to hold our own mock election.  We began by nominating two students, the class nominated Colin and Tyler to run for president.

The students worked together to make campaign signs for the candidates. 

The candidates worked on their speeches and were ready to speak to their classmates on the campaign trail.  Watch the video to get in on the action!

Then it was time for the big vote.  The students had heard both candidates speak and had made their decision.  It was time to cast their ballots.

After all the votes were counted, it was a very close race.  But Tyler won the election!!  Congratulations, Mr. President.  And Colin was a very gracious runner-up, we decided that Colin would make an excellent Vice-President!

Tyler made good on his promise, he supplied all of his classmates with popsicles after the big election!

We read many wonderful books that taught us a lot about our great county and leaders.

Colin also celebrated a birthday, Happy 6th Birthday, Colin!!

Brayden, Paige, Caylee, Anna-Kate, Tyler, Porter, Ray, Jamiah, and Danial were all rewarded by Mrs. Downs with a pencil for perfect attendance during the second nine weeks.

Student of the Week: Nely

Coming Up:
Phonics: Combination qu
Math: Topic 13- Money
Unit: Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, March 2 - "Wacky Wednesday" - We are celebrating Dr. Seuss and reading all week.  One of Dr. Seuss' great books is "Wacky Wednesday," we will read this book on Wednesday and encourage everyone to dress in wacky clothes on this wacky day!

Friday, March 4 - Dr. Seuss Day - As we conclude a fun week, everyone is encouraged to dress-up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character.  Have fun and be creative, your class will be taught by Thing 1 and Thing 2!!

Friday, March 4 - Green Eggs and Ham - The cafeteria will be serving green eggs and ham on Friday.  This is always a very fun lunch!!  Give it a try, you may like it!

Tuesday, March 8 - "Meals with Mom" - We are inviting all moms to lunch on Tuesday, March 8.  Our class will be eating lunch at 11:30 AM, we ask that moms meet in our class at 11:20 AM.  We look forward to seeing all our special mothers next week.

March 14-18  - Spring Break

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  1. Ms. Marzoni,
    Your blog is wonderful! What a creative classroom. My mom (Tina Mozingo) passed along your election video. Great work! :)
    -Ashley Cross