Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spiders and Letter M

This week we learned all about spiders!  We read many great books that taught us all sorts of interesting facts about spiders and some creepy things too!  Like did you know spiders have blue blood?  Or that a tarantula has a den?  Or that some spiders have eight eyes?  Just ask your little "spider expert" and they'll tell you all about these cool creature!

Everyone made a hanging spider and they are all hanging from our ceiling in the classroom

 Searching for spiders (plastic ones of course) and recording how many we found on spider webs

 Making spider webs from spider silk (actually it's cooked spaghetti noodles and glue); each web was very unique and everyone enjoyed the slimy spider silk!

Spider snacks, marshmallows for the bodies, 8 pretzel sticks for the legs, and chocolate syrup to color is brown

 A couple of the spider books we enjoyed, we especially loved all the facts in the "Spiders" book!

The letter of the week was "M"!

Marshmallows on M

Since we are quickly approaching Halloween we decided "M" was for "M"onster!  We enjoyed these books, "Nothing Scares Us," "Where the Wild Things Are," and 'Louie and the Monsters."

 Making monsters

We had a "Monster Mash" at the end of the week, the students showing off their monster hats!

 During the "Monster Mash" we played some great monster games.  Here they are playing "Pin the Eye on the Cyclops"

 Next we played an "Eyeball Race", they had to balance a monster eyeball on a spoon and drop it in the bucket.

 And finally we played "Monster Stomp", the students stomp around the room landing on a monster foot while the song "Monster Mash" played.  It is much like musical chairs, when the music stopped those not on a foot were put in the monster chamber!  It was a fun day and everyone loved the "M"arvelous "M"onster "M"ash!

 We did a science experiment with M&M's candy.  We dropped them in water and the "M" floated to the top!

Graphing the color of the M&M's candy

 Making "Monster Munch", after all monster fun all of the little monsters were hungry!  
"In the mountains, in a meadow,
All the monsters met for lunch.
They didn't have a menu,
So they made some Monster Munch!
In went marshmallows, M&M's, and Milky Way.
They mixed them all together,
Now they make more everyday!"

 Student of the Week: Briggs

 Coming Up...
Phonics: Ii
Math: Topic 5 - Numbers 6-10
Thematic Unit: Fire Safety

Fall Break - October 11 - 12: Enjoy your time away from school, I'll see you all on Wednesday!

October 15: Class T-shirt Day

Monday, October 18 - We will be learning the letter Ss starting the week of October 18, so to start the week off wear "Silly Socks"

Tuesday, October 19 - 50th Day of School - Dress up like the 1950's as all of PLE celebrates the 50th day of school.  We will have a Sock Hop and lots of fun of this special day!

United Way Fundraiser: Throughout the next two weeks we will be continuing to collect money for United Way.  Please send donations (loose changes is great!), the class with the most donations will receive a pizza party!

Thursday, October 28 - Class Fall Party @ 1:45 pm

Friday, October 29 - Kindergarten Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch at Mitchell Farms in Collins, MS - Teachers and students will leave from PLE by bus at 8:15am, parents attending the field trip may follow the buses from the school on may met us at the Pumpkin Patch.  Parents will need to buy a ticket for the Pumpkin Patch when they arrive ($7.00) and they will receive an armband from Mitchell Farms so they can participate in the activities of the day.  While at the Pumpkin Patch students will enjoy a hay ride, maze, pet farm animals, pick their own pumpkin from the patch, and much more!  Also everyone will eat lunch at the farm, if you signed up to send your child's lunch from home please remember to do so on this day.  We will return to school at approximately 1:15pm.

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  1. Looks like y'all had fun at your monster mash! Love the monster munch and the poem.