Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Apples" and the "Letter Nn"

This week we learned all about apples!!  This was the first week we enjoyed fall weather outside too.  It was so beautiful that we had story-time outside.

The letter of the week was Nn.  We made several crafts and had a fun time with this "n"ifty letter!

N is for noodles

A fun activity was creating "n"oodle "n"ecklaces.  First we had to dye the noodles, this was a fun science experiment!

Adding vinegar and food coloring

 Pouring in the noodles

Let them soak and stir 

 Dry them out and string them for a "n"eat, "n"oodle "n"ecklace

 We always love learning from 

We read many wonderful books to teach us about growing apples in orchards, food from apples, Johnny Appleseed and harvesting apples.

Students gathered apples from a basket and graphed their results

Johnny (Chapman) Appleseed's birthday was September 26, we had a special birthday party for him during the week.

Here everyone is wearing their Johnny Appleseed pot hats

Yummy apple, birthday cupcakes

 Creating patterns

 Writing a sentence in their journals about what color apple they like the most, red, yellow or green

Painting arms and hands for "apple trees"

Thumbprints for the apples

Applejack necklaces

We concluded the fun apple unit with an "Apple Feast"
Apple juice, apple butter, apple jelly, apple pie, apple sauce, apple jacks, and fresh apple slices!

Mmm,Mmm, Apple Pie

Apple juice!

Apples are one of our favorite fruits, check out those "happy plates!"

After the feast, everyone graphed their favorite apple food

Looks like apple pie won!

 We also learned about the seasons of an apple tree.  Here the students are recreating a tree to represent each of the four seasons.





A fun and tasty week!!

Student of the Week: Ray

Coming Up:
Phonics: Mm
Math: Topic 4 - Numbers 0-5
Thematic Unit: Spiders

Fall Break:  October 11-12

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