Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Fall" and "Letter Aa"

Happy Fall!!  This week the thematic unit was "fall", we celebrated the first day of fall and learned about all the changes this fun season brings!

Making summer/fall trees.  We learned about the changing leaves, to illustrate this we painted one side a "summer" tree with green hand-print leaves and the other side a "fall" tree with red and orange hand-print leaves.

Everyone enjoyed learning about the changing season, we learned many great things about the seasons.  We also learned great vocabulary words when talking about the Earth's changes, words like "sun", "orbit", "equator", and that it takes the Earth one year to orbit the sun and make the cycle of the four seasons!  What a smart class!

To illustrate the changing seasons, we divided a tree into four parts and illustrated the four seasons in each section.  

Fall leaves to decorate our classroom, everyone is anxious to see the leaves in our town start to change!

Listening Center: "The Lonely Scarecrow"

More great books to teach us about fall!

The letter of the week was "A", A is for apple!

"A" is for ant!  We made and ate "ants on a log" (pretzel sticks (log), peanut butter (mud), raisins (ants))

Great job completing the sentence, "I ate ants on a log!"

Yummy ants!

More ants...Ants on A

"A" is for alligator - Everyone made alligator puppets, alligator puppets that ate an apple!  The students drew an apple in the alligator's mouth then completed the sentence "My alligator ate an apple."

 A is for "alligator"; Alligator tooth "Show and Tell"

I had a piece of an alligator scoot I shared with the students, they really enjoyed Tyler's alligator tooth and the alligator scoot.  And most of all everyone knows that A says /a/, like "a"lligator!

This week everyone received their first phonics reader!  This is their first book, "Hot, Hot, Hot", and what great readers we have.  Everyone worked hard to sound out the words and read, and they were all SO proud to read their first book without much help from me!  Awesome!

They also received a "phonics library" which is a box where they can store all of the phonics readers at home.  They will receive a phonics reader every other week, totaling 16 readers by the end of the school year.  Keep these in the phonics libraries at home and let your child practice reading these books to you at home.  This is an excellent way to build confidence in your child and help them build reading and blending skills.

In math we learned how to read, write and count numbers 0-5, students stamped out these numbers from play-doh and created sets of each number.  

A wonderful week in Kindergarten!  We look forward to the weather changing and feeling like fall.  And everyone is excited to continue to learn how to read more each week!

Student of the Week: Nely
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Phonics: Nn
Math: Topic 4 - Numbers 0-5
Thematic Unit: Apples

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