Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Our School" and "L"

This was our first full week of Kindergarten.  Everyone is still adjusting and making great progress.  By the end of the week we had our routine down perfectly!  Now on to the fun!

Check out this cute video, the students give you a tour of our school and the places they visit throughout the week.

This week we learned the letter L.  We did many fun activities to celebrate this great letter!



We read many "L" books, we especially loved the book "Ladybug Girl."

Ladybugs made from our thumbprints on L

Our favorite craft was making lion masks, everyone LOVED these!

We also made lemonade and limeade and had a taste test.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!

Everyone tasted our homemade lemonade and limeade and chose their favorite "L"-ade

Although they were both delicious, limeade was the class favorite.

In addition to learning the letter L, we also learned about our school and classroom.  One of our first activities was to make a "Friendship Salad."  We added sweet fruit and yogurt and discussed the many things it takes to make a a yummy salad, just like it takes many great students to have a great class.

For homework, the students were asked to bring a few things from home to share with their classmates so we could get to know one another better.  It was fun to see what everyone brought!

Our principal, Mrs. Downs, visited us and shared how proud she was that we are doing a great job learning how to be "Star Students" at school.

This Monday, August 16, is "Open House", we made a special craft for this fun night.  Here's a little sneak peek :)

Student of the Week: Tyler

Coming Up Next Week...
Phonics: Oo
Math: Topic 1 - Sorting and Classifying
Thematic Unit: Names

Monday, August 16 - Open House (Kindergarten only); Everyone will need to meet in the gym first for a brief PTO meeting then we will visit our classroom and share what we have been doing in Kindergarten.

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  1. Kelly
    I love this blog! Looks like they are having so much fun!! Tonya

  2. Glad you found it! We're having a blast!

  3. Those are such great ideas for the letter L! I host a feature on my blog called The Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection. Would you be interested in adding your alphabet crafts to the collection? You can view the collection here:

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