Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Names" and Letter Oo

What a fun week!  Our week began with "Open House."  We invited all parents to visit our school and check out our classroom to see what we've been up to in Kindergarten.  We made our room extra inviting!

This week we began our math lessons.  Our math unit was sorting, we did many fun sorting games and activities throughout the week.

In phonics, we learned the letter Oo.  This is our first vowel and we had lots of fun with all of the great activities.  We made an octopus from the letter O with cheeriOs on the tentacles!

We illustrated our phonics sentence in our journals, this week our sentence was "Ollie Octopus enjoys olives and onions on pizza."  Soon we'll be writing words and sentences in our journals!

One of our most fun activities was making "octopus legs!"  We read the book "Octopus Stew" and then made our own version of the "O" treat!

First you roll the octopus leg (pizza dough)...

Make sure it's long enough!

Then put cheeriOs for the suckers and don't forget to dip it in the octopus ink (blueberry jelly)!

Our friends in Ms. Dryden's class made an octopus cake and shared with us!

We really enjoyed this tasty treat!

Our thematic unit was "names."  Throughout the week we practiced writing our names neatly and correctly forming our letters.  We also practiced reading our friends' names.

We decorated our names with lots of great art supplies.

The students enjoyed reading their friends' names and matching them to their pictures.

Graphing the number of letters in their name

"Smelly Names" - Writing their name in glue then dusting it with Jello powder, makes for a yummy smelling name!

We read the book "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and the students listened to it, everyone loved wearing the headphones.  This is one of our favorite books!

Making Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees

Edible Chicka Chicka Tree

We celebrated our first school-time birthday, Happy Birthday, Tyler!

Student of the Week: Jamiah

Coming Up Next Week...
Phonics: Gg
Math: Continue Topic 1 - Sorting and Classifying
Thematic Unit: Colors and Shapes

Upcoming Dates:
T-shirt Orders Due - Friday, August 27
Grandparents' Day Lunch - Wednesday, September 8
PHS Homecoming (students may wear a Homecoming T-shirt) - Friday, September 10
Pumpkin Patch Field Trip - Friday, October 29

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