Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Colors and Shapes" and "Gg"

We had a very "colorful" week in Kindergarten.  Our unit this week was "colors and shapes."  We had a blast creating great works of art with all of our wonderful colors and shapes.  In phonics we learned the letter Gg and in math we finished up our first unit on sorting and began the second unit on positional words.  We are busy bees in Kindergarten, having fun and learning everyday!

One of our favorite sites to visit is, there are wonderful, interactive videos, games, and quizzes.  And our two friends, Annie and Moby, are always there to teach us!  This week we learned from the "Colors" video and the students enjoyed playing memory match during center time.

Everyone graphed their favorite color, as a class we all liked red the best!

We read the book "White Rabbit's Color Book."  This helped everyone understand about mixing colors, we learned about primary colors and secondary colors.  We took all this great knowledge and had some color mixing fun of our own!

When you take primary colors and mix them together you get many more great colors, this was loads of fun.  Many students got so excited that they said "this is the best day ever!"

We painted each of our hands a different primary color, then rubbed them together to mix a new secondary color.  So cool!

More fun with painting, creating a "hand-print rainbow"

Throughout the week, the students brought in "show-and-tell" items to match our "Color of the Day" theme.

We also had fun learning about shapes, we made shape puzzles, outlined shapes with art supplies, created shapes with pipe-cleaners, and realized there are shapes all around us.

We made this yummy school bus snack, it "shaped-up" to be delicious!
Rectangle - graham cracker
Squares - chex cereal
Circles - mini oreos

This week was Gg week..Great!

Gumball Machines

Illustrating the "g" sentence in their journals, "Gary Gorilla gobbles green grapes."

Glitter-Glue G's

Student of the Week: Colin

Coming Up...
Phonics: Hh
Math: Topic 2 - Positions and Locations
Thematic Unit: All About Me

Friday, September 3 - "Happy Hat Day" - Bring your favorite hat to school and we'll wear our hats during the day in class, this will be a happy conclusion to our "H" week!

Monday, September 7 - No School - Labor Day Holiday

Wednesday, September 8 - Grandparents' Day Lunch - Our class will eat lunch at 11:30am, grandparents should meet in our classroom at 11:20am.

Friday, September 10 - PHS Homecoming - Students will be allowed to wear a Purvis T-shirt to support our football team on this day.

Friday, October 29 - Pumpkin Patch Field Trip - Mitchell Farms Collins, MS; Check out the link on the side to learn more about the fun we'll have at Mitchell Farms

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