Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Week

Happy Valentine's Day! This week we made many Valentine creations and had fun with lots of hearts!

Here is a video of all of the fun from our class party. We had a great time exchanging cards with one another, all of our Valentine mailboxes were full!

Throughout the week we created many crafts to decorate our room. We made these fun crayon hearts. We used crayon shavings and melted them to make these beautiful hearts. We made lots of them and they made our room look wonderful for Valentine's Day!

One of our favorite Valentine candies is conversation hearts! The students each graphed their small box of hearts, then tasted all the colors and chose their favorite. We created a class graph of our favorite flavored candy hearts.

Making color-heart patterns

All of the students made their own Valentine cards for their families. They used all sorts of paper, stickers, and ribbon to create these beautiful cards. I know all of their families were excited to receive these great gifts.

Student of the Week: Elizabeth M.
Coming Up Next Week:
Phonics: Xx
Math: Topic 11 - Subtraction
Thematic Unit: Presidents' Day/Dental Health
Monday, February 15 - No School, Presidents' Day Holiday
Tuesday, February 16 - Mardi Gras Celebration
Friday, February 19 - Guest Visitor: Dental Hygienist tells us all about how to keep our smile healthy and pretty
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