Saturday, February 6, 2010

Community Helpers and the Superbowl!

This week was very busy with many fun things to celebrate. We began our week by learning about the famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. We celebrated "Groundhog Day" with yummy groundhog decorated cupcakes. We also read many books about the traditions of the holiday and learned some interesting things about groundhogs. Did you know that a groundhog's teeth never stop growing?! It was a fun day, too bad though, Phil saw his shadow. That means six more weeks of winter!

Our thematic unit this week was "Community Helpers." We learned about the special jobs of those within our community. We also had several community helpers visit us, we got to learn about the jobs of a fireman, police officer, emergency management workers, ambulance drivers, power company technicians, and even got to met a police dog! It was a fun day and we enjoyed all the community helpers. Thanks for visiting us!! Below is a video of all of our fun!

We also made a doctor bag, they are very special people within our community.

Making patterns with community helper stamps.

Yummy firetruck snacks!

Community Helper Puzzles

In addition to learning about Community Helpers, we also celebrated the Superbowl. Friday we all wore black and gold to celebrate the Saints going to the Superbowl. Everyone is excited about the game and chanted "Who Dat?!" all day. Everyone had lots of team spirit, hope the Saints do well on Sunday. Geaux Saints!

Here is a video of all of our football fun!

We all made Saints posters with a fleur de lis and learned about the Superbowl. We also graphed our predictions for the Superbowl, everyone agreed that they think the Saints will win the big game. One of the activities that was the most fun was the "Football Throwing Contest." Everyone got to throw the football and we had a contest to see who could throw it the furthest. It was a close contest but Walker won, he was wearing a Drew Brees jersey, we may have a QB in the making!

Student of the Week: Faith

Coming Up Next Week...
Phonics: Jj
Math: Topic 11 - Subtraction
Thematic Unit: Valentine's Day
Friday, February 12 - Class Valentine Party @ 1:45pm - Students are asked to exchange Valentine cards with their classmates
Monday, February 15 - No School, Presidents' Day

Spelling Test - Beginning this week we will start spelling test, a word list is in your child's folder. These are words that your child will be able to sound out and typically a sight word will also be included in the list. Please practice these words with your child throughout the week, the spelling test will be given on Friday. This is great preparation for first grade, everyone is progressing wonderfully, I know they will all do well in spelling!

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