Sunday, January 31, 2010


Roar!! This week we learned about dinosaurs! We discovered how fossils were made and the cool job of a paleontologist. It was a very fun week!

One of our favorite books was "Buying, Training and Caring for Dinosaurs." This book had wonderful pictures and gave us great information about many dinosaurs. We all chose which dino we would like to have for a pet. The T-Rex was a class favorite, as well as the brontosaurs. Maybe we should adopt a dino for a class pet!

In math this week we are learning how to add sets and record these sets in a mathematical sentence using plus and equal signs. We used dinosaurs to act out these fun math problems. We also ordered dino eggs 1-12.
One of our favorite art activities was creating "dino-rubbings." We used crayons to create our own rubbings. These were fun, fun!

Dino Art!

Measuring the length of various items using dinosaurs.
Adding sets by counting the number of dinosaurs in each dino-egg.
We also created our own dinosaur skeleton from noodles. Everyone did wonderful at recreating these dinosaurs.

We enjoyed a fun snack too! These yummy fruit snacks were shaped liked fossils and we created our own dinosaurs using these fun snacks. Thanks, Mama Jane!
Dino-Chow! We used dead grass, crushed bones, dirt, mashed bugs, and swamp water to create this prehistoric snack. (Actually it was oatmeal, sugar, cocoa, peanut butter, and milk that was colored green!)

Student of the Week: Avery
Coming up next week...
Phonics: Vv
Math: Addition
Thematic: Community Helpers
Friday - Community Helpers share about their special jobs
Friday - Saints Day!! Were your black and gold, football jerseys, cheerleading outfits, whatever you have to show your spirit for the Superbowl!

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