Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter & 100th Day

What a fun and busy week!! This week in math we learned about measurement and how to measure the capacity of containers. We practiced this by measuring the capacity of different cups and bowls using teddy bear counters, this was great practice and helped us with our counting too!

We also learned the letter Yy this week, one of our art activities was gluing yarn to Y. Everyone was very creative with their designs.
Ty shared with us that he learned to tie his shoes this week. Great work, Ty!!
Our thematic unit this week was "Winter." We read the books "The Big Snowball," and "Snow Dance." After reading these fun books we danced a snow dance of our own!
The snow dance must have worked because we began making our own "snowballs" and it started snowing in our classroom!!
We all made yummy snowballs (rice kripsy treats covered in powdered sugar!) and the "snow" got everywhere. It was a snow-day in our room. Very fun and very yummy! :)

We also enjoyed the book "The Mitten." One of our favorite winter animals are the penguins. We learned many great things about these birds and made some fun crafts too.
Handprint-Penguins and Oreo Penguins
Friday was our 100th day of school. We had a wonderful celebration! Something funny happened too, everyone was 100 years old! We had a fun day and dressed up as if we were 100 years old!!
Our 100-Day old Class

Very old Kindergarten Teachers
Students brought 100 of their favorite item. They were very creative, we had 100 pieces of bubble gum, M&M's, noodles, gummy bears, cereal, acorns, popcorn, pixie sticks, legos, paper clips and many more great items. One student even brought in 100 memories, they shared with us 100 pictures! We glued some of the items to the number 100.

We also counted 100 fruit loops, by making 10 groups of 10, and made a fruit loop necklace.
We glued 100 items of something we'd like to eat.
A fun activity to help us count to 100 was to count the number of licks to the center of a tootsie pop. It took some of us 100 licks but some of us got to the center much sooner!
We counted the number of days we had been in school each month, everyone is getting better at counting by fives and using tally marks.
Here is our 100 Snake, he has all the number 0-100. He sure is long!
To conclude our fun filled day of counting and celebrated the wonderful 100, we had a special guest. Mrs. Palmer, who is almost 100 years old, visited us. She shared what school was like for her almost 100 years ago!
Mrs. Palmer shared pictures of her schoolhouse, her class and her family. She also shared some of her books, we were surprised to see that she read "Cinderella" when she was in school too!
She also showed how she brought her lunch to school. She used a syrup bucket and packed a biscuit and syrup for lunch. We learned a lot from Mrs. Palmer, we were glad to have her visit us!
Keoki celebrated his birthday. Happy Birthday, Keoki!
Student of the Week: Walker
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