Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dental Health and Presidents' Day

What a busy week!! We had many themes to celebrate this week. We began the week eating King cake and making Mardi Gras mask for Fat Tuesday. Everyone looked great in their masks and beads. Below is a picture of our class and also a video of all of our Mardi Gras fun!

February is "dental health" month, this week we learned all about our teeth and how to keep a clean and healthy smile. We learned many cool things about our baby (primary) and permanent teeth. We also learned what foods to eat to keep our teeth healthy and how to clean our teeth. A dental hygienist, Mrs. Michelle, came and told us all about our teeth. She was great! We all got our own toothbrush and toothpaste too!

Here's a video of our dental health fun!

We made "apple bite teeth". We used apples (lips), peanut butter (gums), and marshmallows (teeth), to recreate a dazzling smile! They sure were silly to make and yummy to eat.

We all got our own real toothbrush when Mrs. Michelle came, but we also made a toothbrush to hang at our house to remind us to brush our teeth in the morning and at night.

In our journals this week we wrote about how many teeth we have lost. We had to check out our smiles with a mirror. This was really fun, especially for the girls!

We played a game were the students took turns rolling to try to fill up their set of teeth. They used marshmallows to add to their set until they reach 32 teeth, the number of permanent teeth we'll have!

In this video, students show off their dazzling smiles and share how many teeth they've lost, along with a few other cute comments about their teeth :)

As if it wasn't enough fun celebrating Mardi Gras and learning about our teeth, we also learned about our Presidents in honor of Presidents' Day! We read many great books that taught us about our Presidents and learned some very interesting facts about them as well.

We used Lincoln logs to build Abraham Lincoln's home. We learned that he was born in a long cabin in Kentucky. He loved to read and always carried a book with him, we want to be smart just like Abe Lincoln!

Abraham Lincoln was our 16th President, but did you know he was also our tallest President? He was 6'4" and he wore a very tall stove-pipe hat which made him look even taller! We all measured ourselves beside an outline of Abe Lincoln. He really was tall, most of us only went up to his waist!

George Washington was also a fun President to learn about. We couldn't believe he had wooden teeth! Here are our George Washington crafts.

It was a busy week, we learned a lot and had loads of fun!!

Student of the Week: Andee

Coming up...
Phonics: Ww
Math: Topic 12 - Larger Numbers
Thematic: Five Senses

Tuesday, February 23: Parent Night 6:00pm-7:00pm - PLE Library

Wednesday, February 24: Wild and Wacky Wednesday - to celebrate the letter Ww students are encouraged to wear their wildest and wackiest clothes on Wednesday!

March 1-5: Dr. Seuss Week - Parents & Family: If you would like to be a "Guest Reader" during Dr. Seuss week please let me know by Wednesday, February 24

Beginning March 1, Dr. Seuss hats will be on sale in the school office for $8.00, cash only

March 9 - Kindergarten "Meals with Mom" - Moms are invited to lunch with their child, we are looking forward to seeing all of our special moms!

Bad Weather Days Rescheduled:
January 8 bad weather day will be made up on Monday, April 5
February 12 bad weather day will be made up on Wednesday, May 26

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