Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wild and Wacky W and The Five Senses

This week we learned the letter W...
Wow! Was it a wild and wacky letter! This week we had a "Wild and Wacky Wednesday" in honor of our letter of the week, Ww. It definitely was wild and wacky!

Elizabeth P. gave our class the book "Wacky Wednesday", we loved reading it and finding all the wacky happenings in the book. We are glad to add it to our class library, thank you, Elizabeth!

Here we are on "Wild and Wacky Wednesday!"

As you can see, it was a very fun day! We enjoyed all the wild and wacky outfits!

We also glued wagon wheels on the letter Ww.

Our thematic unit this week was the five senses. We discussed how important our senses are and learned how they send information to our brain. Annie and Moby from Brain Pop, Jr. helped us out this week too!

Students using their sense of touch with play-doh.

Here they are using their sense of hearing at the listening center.

We created "Mr. Senses". He was a special character that had all five senses incorporated into one art project. He had jingle bell ears we could hear, a scented pom-pom nose we could smell, sandpaper arms and legs we can feel, wiggly eyes we can see move, and a smartie candy mouth that we could taste. He was very fun to make!

We used our sense of touch with these "feely boxes." Each covered box had a classroom item, students had to rely on their sense of touch to discover what item was hidden in each box. They really enjoyed this center.

Creating art with scented markers, these are so fun!

A great snack that helps us remember our five senses is popcorn, we can hear and smell it while it's popping, we can see it as the kernels turn to popcorn and we can definitely taste how yummy it is! We enjoyed a popcorn snack, then made popcorn blossoms.

It was a fun week learning all about our five senses and acting wild and wacky with the letter Ww!

Student of the Week: Tripp
Coming Up...
Phonics: Combination Qu
Math: Topic 12 - Larger Numbers
Thematic Unit: Dr. Seuss

Friday, March 5 - Our cafeteria will be serving green eggs and ham, they will have breakfast foods for lunch with a small sampling of the Dr. Seuss favorite. You never know you may like them just like Sam-I-Am!

Friday, March 5 - Dr. Seuss Dress-Up Day! Students are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character, your class will be taught by Thing 1 and Thing 2!!

Week of March 1-5: Dr. Seuss hats are on sale in our school office for $8, cash only

March 9 - "Meals with Mom" - Inviting all moms to lunch, our class will go to lunch at 11:20 am; Moms, please meet us in our classroom at 11:10 am

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