Sunday, November 15, 2009

Veterans' Day, Indians

This week was learned about the importance of the Indians at the First Thanksgiving. We also celebrated Veterans' Day. A veteran and special friend of our class, Mr. Howell Purvis, visited us on Wednesday. We made cards and a hand-painted flag sign. We enjoyed learning from him and glad he came to visit us!

This week we also learned the letter Kk. In phonics we read a few new books with many new words with the letter Kk. One of our favorite books was "Pink Milk." A cute girl named Kit had a great snack of pink milk and cookies. So after reading this book we had pink milk and cookies for snack!

While learning Kk this week we also made our own kites!

Last week we learned about the journey of the Pilgrims. This week we learned about the importance of the Indians and the special friendship they had with the Pilgrims. We made edible tee-pees! We used flour tortillas, pretzel sticks, and chocolate icing! We all enjoyed making these wonderful creations, we used food coloring to create our own Indian art.

Everyone looks great with their headdresses!

We learned that one of the very important crops was corn. Both the Pilgrims and the Indians used corn in many of the foods they made. And we were surprised to learn that they even had popcorn at the first Thanksgiving!

Zach brought a great book for us to read as we learned about the Indians. "Good Hunting, Blue Sky" was a great Indian story!

We also enjoyed the book "The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush."

Indian Corn!!

Making wonderful music with our Indian drums

What a wonderful week learning about the Indians! Now that we have learned all about the Pilgrims and the Indians, next week we will focus on the great feast of the First Thanksgiving!

We also made up Indian names for ourselves, these are pretty funny!

  • Tripp - Silly Mountain
  • Elizabeth P. - Pretty Queen
  • Austin - Story Night
  • Ty'Kwan - Running Star
  • Cade - Howling Coyote
  • Faith - Big Chief
  • Lillie - Bright Star
  • Elizabeth M. - Warrior Princess
  • Lexie - Big Bear
  • Zach - Blue Sky
  • Carolina - Mountain Stars
  • Andee - Bright Star
  • Avery - Squanto
  • Ty - Running Bull
  • Ethan - Heavy Rain
  • Zella - Blooming Rose
  • Briana - Fluttering Butterfly
  • Keoki - Warrior Hunter
Student of the Week: Zella

Coming Up Next Week:

Phonics: Bb

Math: Topic 7 - Geometry

Thematic Unit: Thanksgiving

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