Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Mayflower

Throughout the month of November we will be learning about the first Thanksgiving. This week we learned about the Pilgrims and their journey on the Mayflower. All the students enjoyed learning about the Pilgrims and we learned they did some pretty funny things too. Did you know Pilgrim boys wore dresses until they were 5 years old and girls had to manage the garden? Although we loved learning about the Pilgrims, I think everyone agrees we enjoy being Kindergarteners in 2009!

A family project that everyone worked on was to decorate a turkey feather for our class display. All of the feathers were beautiful and very creative!! Our turkey has received many, many compliments, it looks wonderful!

While learning about the journey on the Mayflower we created our own Mayflower. We painted fish in the Atlantic ocean.

Then we painted the ship, but not too big because it was a tight squeeze for the 102 pilgrims on the Mayflower.

We also learned the Pilgrims were on the Mayflower for 65 days, they ate foods like oatmeal, cheese, and fish and it was a very bumpy ride.

Finally the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock. A long way from England!

The students also made mini-Mayflowers to take home. These were very fun to make. Everyone loved adding the sails to their ships.

In phonics this week we learned the letter Rr. One of the activities we did was to create rainbows. They look great!

Only a couple of the beautiful pieces of work from Homework Heros, good job everyone on Homework Heros!!

Student of the Week: Lillie

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Phonics: Kk
Math: Topic 6 Test Tuesday - Begin Topic 7 - Geometry
Thematic Unit: Native Americans

Wednesday, November 11 - Veterans' Day - Guest Visitor

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