Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This was the last week before Thanksgiving break, which meant lots of fun Thanksgiving activities and lots of turkeys!!!

This week we had a fun riddle in our class, you all had some very good guesses! Very creative families! The riddle was: "What kind of music do turkeys listen to?" The answer was: Plymouth Rock! Thanks for participating!

One of our favorite activities was making pine cone turkeys! These were very fun to make and they all looked so cute.

We also got to eat a very delicious feast this week. There were Pilgrims and Indians at our feast, here they are getting ready to celebrate the harvest!

Everyone enjoyed the feast!

One of our favorite centers is the "Listening Center." This week we listened to the fun book, "Thanksgiving Mice."
More turkey fun, turkey handprints!

Turkey Tabletoppers

Mama Jane visited us this week, she taught us several great Indian chants, a Thanksgiving prayer, and a funny turkey song. The students enjoyed learning these fun songs. They are listed below, let your child share them with you this week.
Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving is a time to say,
"Thank you for both work and play,
for all good things both old and new,
for being me, for having you."
Indian Chant:
We are the red men,
tall and quaint,
in our feathers and war paint.
Pow, wow. Pow, wow.
We're the men of the "old pen" cow.
We are the red men,
feathers in our head men,
down among the dead men...
UGH ! Pow, wow !
Indian Chant:
Indian chief and Indian warriors
wearing paint and feathers,
smoking peace pipe in a pow-wow,
hear them chant together,
"Hi, yi, yi, yi, yo, heh!
Hi, yi, yi, yi, yo.
Hi, yi, yi, yi, yo, heh!
Hi, yi, yi, yi, yo.

Turkey Song:
He's big and fat and he gobble, gobble, gobbles.
He spreads his tail and he gobble, gobble, gobbles;
but, when Thanksgiving Day is here--
It's our turn to gobble, gobble, gobble!

This week was also the PLE Reading Fair. There were many great projects. Our class did a project on the book "The Great Turkey Race." This is a funny book about three silly turkeys, Cassie, Ollie, and Wing. There are several books in this series, they would be a great addition to your home library. We enjoyed completing our project, we acted out the story, it was fun to dress as the characters and make the props for the story.

Tripp and his family entered their own project in the Reading Fair. He did a project on the book "Where the Wild Things Are." His project looked wonderful! He got 2nd place in the fair, great job, Tripp!!
The Reading Fair was held in the cafeteria, so we were able to enjoy a nice picnic lunch. It was a perfect day for a picnic, beautiful weather.

Student of the Week: Keoki
Coming Up Next Week, November 30 - December 4:
Phonics: Uu
Math: Finishing Topic 7: Geometry
Thematic: Christmas
Upcoming Dates:
December 1 - Santa Pictures, $5.00
December 16: Kindergarten Pizza with Pops
December 22: Kindergarten Class Christmas Party, 8:15 AM
December 22: Early Dismissal, 11:45 AM - Christmas Holidays Begin
January 7 - Classes Resume

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