Friday, October 9, 2009


Happy Fall!! Halloween is quickly approaching so we did a unit on SPIDERS! We learned many interesting facts about spiders and although we know we need them to eat insects we still think they are creepy-crawly! During the week we had a lot of fun with this unit.

We made yummy spiders from marshmallows, chocolate syrup and pretzels sticks! They were great!

One of the most interesting things about spiders is how they make their beautiful webs. So we created our own webs! We used spaghetti noodles and glue, then decorated them with glitter and added a plastic spider to the webs. This was really icky, but everyone thought it was pretty cool to stick their hands in the web-mixture!

Another fun activity was searching for spiders. There were many plastic spiders hidden in Halloween confetti, the students had to search and find the spiders. Fun, fun!

Spider Web Cookies!!

In addition to learning about spiders, our letter of the week was Mm. Mmmmm! The students made marshmallows moons. They stamped the marshmallows in glitter glue and created a moon design.

Our class had a few guest throughout the week. Andee's mom, Mrs. Lindsay, and her Pawpaw Tony came to visit us. Mrs. Lindsay read "The Velveteen Rabbit," and Pawpaw Tony had a real bunny. It was Andee's pet bunny, Dollar. Everyone got to pet the bunny too!

Ms. Mary Courtney, a teacher candidate from William Carey University, spent a few days with our class. She was a great help and everyone enjoyed her being a part of our class. She shared one of her favorite books, "It's Pumpkin Time." This was a great book!

Student of the Week: Ty!!

Coming up next week:
Phonics: Ii
Math: Topic 5 - Numbers 6-10
Thematic Unit: Bats
Monday & Tuesday - No school, Fall Break
Wednesday - Report cards sent home, sign and return the next day
Thursday - United Way Dress-up Day: Sports Day (bring a $1)
Friday - United Way Dress-up Day: Hat Day (bring a $1)

Looking ahead...
Monday, October 19 - Silly Sock Day
Tuesday, October 20 - 50th Day of School - Dress up like the 50's!
Thursday, October 22 - Please send a bag of individually wrapped for the Halloween goody bags by this day

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