Saturday, October 3, 2009

Howdy, Partner!

It was "Cowboy Week" in Kindergarten. We all had a "rootin'-tootin'" fun time!! Throughout the week we learned about the jobs of a cowboy, the special clothes they wear, the animals on the ranch, and the foods they eat. We also watched several clips of a real rodeo, the students loved the bull-riding and barrel racing. I think we may have some future cowboys and cowgirls in our class!
We all dressed up in Western wear to conclude this great week. Everyone looked great! During the week we did cactus art, created our own horses, made an edible corral, and had cow patties. Yes, cow patties! Actually, it's only peanut butter, chocolate, and oatmeal cookies, but it was pretty funny to see all the kids faces as I tried to explain this to them! We took many pictures throughout the week, below is a video of all our fun during Cowboy Week!

Two of our favorite books we read during the week were Armadillo Rodeo and Bubba the Cowboy Prince. The students loved Bo Armadillo and Harmony Jean for Armadillo Rodeo. And Bubba the Cowboy Prince is the western version of Cinderella. Both books were really fun to read, we especially liked to hear how cowboys talked, they sure do say some funny things!

Our letter this week was the letter Nn. To celebrate this letter we made "noodle necklaces." The first step is to dye the noodles, we used vinegar and food coloring. As you can tell by some of the kids expressions, the vinegar had a very strong smell!!

After we dyed the noodles and let them dry, then it was time to string them to make our necklaces. Some students made color patterns, while others used their own designs. This was a lot of fun and they were very proud to show off their new jewelry.

Student of the Week: Andee!!

Coming Up Next Week:
October 5-8
Phonics: Mm
Math: Topic 4 - Numbers 0-5; Topic Test Wednesday
Thematic Unit: Spiders
Thursday, October 8 - We will be taking a class fall picture, wear fall or Halloween colors for our picture
October 14 - Report Cards go home
Fall Beak - Friday, October 9 - Tuesday, October 13 - NO SCHOOL
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