Friday, September 25, 2009

All for Fall!!

Yay! Fall is finally here! We were all excited to finally celebrate the first official day of fall on Tuesday, we have been counting down the days. During class we have been learning about all the special aspects of fall, the beautiful leaves changing and falling, the fun holidays, the change of weather and the yummy fruits and vegetables that are harvested in the fall. Everyone is looking forward to some fall weather in the weeks to come, and we are also on the lookout for the leaves beginning to fall and change around us.

A fun science experience we did this week involved acorns. We learned that acorns are the "fruit" of the oak tree, and as the animals prepare for the winter they love eating lots of acorns! Then we did a little science experiment with them. We tested them to see if they would float in water. We tested the ones with the caps and the ones without caps. We soon discovered that the ones with the caps floated! This was fun and the students took home some acorns of their own to try this again with their families.

Another fun happening in the fall is the change of the leaves. We did some fun crafts to decorate our classroom this week. One was to create a summer and fall tree. On one side we created a summer tree with green leaves and on the reverse we created a fall tree with red and orange leaves. These look great hanging in our rooms. We also created red, orange, and yellow sparkle leaves for fall as well. There are leaves falling all around in our class!

In addition to celebrating fall, we learned the letter Aa. We enjoyed many fun activities to helped us learned that Aa said /a/ like /apple./ We ate ants on a log, we never knew ants tasted so good! (Actually, it's a celery stick (log), peanut butter (mud), and raisins (ants)!)

During the week we had an attack from some alligators that were eating apples! Aa's everywhere! The students created alligator puppets, that were eating lots of apples!

Also this week we read our first phonics reader, "Hot, Hot, Hot." This is the first book that the students were able to read independently. With practice they will continue to get more fluent and become great readers. They also received their phonics libraries, here they will keep all their readers they will receive throughout the school year. Take time each week to allow your child to read the phonics readers to you, this will help them become better at blending, more fluent and build their reading confidence. They are on their way to become excellent readers!

Another highlight of the week, was some nursing students from William Carey came to tell us how important it is to wash our hands and to keep all the nasty germs away. Ms. Amanda did a great job and we all learned the best way to wash our hands.

Friday was Ty'Kwan's birthday. We all enjoyed some yummy cupcakes!

Happy Birthday, Ty'Kwan!

Student of the Week: Avery!

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Math: Continue Topic 4: Numbers 0-5
Thematic Unit: Cowboys
Friday, October 2 - Cowboy Day - Dress up like a cowboy or a cowgirl!

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