Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkins, United Way Dress-Up Week, and a Field Trip!!

This week was a fun and very busy week! There were lots of dress-up days and fun with pumpkins! This blog includes many pictures and a video of all of our fun at the Pumpkin Patch!

Here were are on "Character Day." Look closely, you'll see pirates, princesses, Pocahontas, Batman, Mama Bernstein Bear, Minnie Mouse, Hannah Montana, and Indiana Jones. A very fun day!

Tuesday was our 50th day of school. We celebrated this day by dressing like the 1950s. There were many tight-rolled jeans and poodle skirts, everyone looked great.

Kindergarten teachers and assistants from the 1950s.

Camo dress up day!

This week our unit was pumpkins. We learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin plant. We explored pumpkins in many ways. One of our favorite ways was carving a pumpkin. It was very gooey and slimy, but we loved it! We carved a jack-o-lantern and toasted the yummy pumpkin seeds too!

The pumpkin seeds tasted really good.

We also measured the height of a variety of pumpkins. This was a really fun activity. The largest pumpkin is the one we carved.

We also estimated the circumference of the largest pumpkin. Many students estimated it much larger than it was but Austin and Ty got the measurement just right!

We created magic pumpkins. We begin with red and yellow, then swirled it into a circle and like magic it made a pumpkin!

We later decorated our pumpkins like a jack-o-lantern. Here's a cute poem we put with our pumpkin:
Jolly wolly pumpkin face
You're happy tell us why.
I'd rather be a pumpkin face,
and not a pumpkin pie!

Our letter of the week was Ss. To celebrate this letter we ate yummy smores! They were "splendid!"

We also made "surprise play-dough" as we learned about Ss. We cooked play dough and it of course was white. Then we made balls of play dough for everyone, I then place a little dot of food coloring in the middle of the ball. The kids rolled the play dough and surprise! It changed colors!

Silly Socks!

To conclude our fun week we went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch at Mitchell Farms in Collins, MS. It was so much fun! We went on a hayride, went through a hay-maze, fed goats, played on the farm and of course pick our own pumpkins. Watch the video to see all the fun we had!

Student of the Week: Elizabeth P.!

Coming up next week:
Phonics: Ff
Math: Topic 5: Numbers 6-10 - Topic test Friday
Thematic Unit: Halloween
Wednesday - Wear red day for Red Ribbon Week
Friday - Halloween party at 1:45pm
Blog password: Boo!

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