Sunday, August 23, 2009

Colors and Shapes, Letter Oo

This week our thematic unit was "colors and shapes." We did many fun activities learning how colors are made and mixing colors. We also began practicing how to spell and read the color words. These are our first sight words in Kindergarten. We sang some songs that helped us spell the color words and will continue to practice recognizing and reading these words. You can start practicing reading these color words at home with flashcards too!

Also, each day we had a dress up color day. This was exciting and the students really enjoyed learning about each color.

Yellow Day!!

Thumbs up for Green Day!

Blue Day!

Red Day!

On Friday, we all wore our favorite color. The students created a class graph and they graphed their favorite color.

Our favorite activity with colors, was mixing colors. We learned the three primary colors were red, blue and yellow. Then we quickly learned that you can create many of our other favorite colors by mixing these colors. We demonstrated this by painting each hand one of the primary colors, then rubbing them together to see what new color we created. We began with red, blue and yellow, and in the end had green, orange and purple! Super Cool!!

We read the book "White Rabbit's Color Book." In this story the white rabbit keeps hopping in different color tubs and turns into new color creations. This was a fun book to help us understand how colors mix to create new colors.

We also learned about our shapes during the week. We discussed the different attributes of the shapes and looked for squares, rectangles, triangles and circles in our classroom. We soon discovered that shapes are everywhere! Since we enjoyed play dough so much last week, this week we created shapes with the play dough. Also, we outlined the different shapes with art supplies. We did many more fun activities with our shapes, including puzzles and sorting shapes. We started our math lessons this week, our first topic was on "sorting." This was great because we all learned how to sort objects by size, shape and color. These were fun activities and the students did a great job!

A yummy activity we did was to create an edible school bus from squares, rectangles, and circles. Here's the recipe for you all to make at home!
1 graham cracker (rectangle)
4 pieces of chex cereal (squares)
2 mini-oreo cookies (circles)
Yellow cake frosting
Ice the graham cracker, this will be the bus. Place the cereal for the windows and the oreos for the tires. It "shapes" up to be a yummy school bus treat!!

We also learned the letter Oo this week. In learning the letter Oo we began learning that our alphabet is made of vowels and consonants. The students are doing great on their phonics lessons. Everyone is working hard to learn the letter sounds and proper way to form the letters. The students brought many pictures for our letter wall this week, including pictures of Oscar Mayer bologna, oxy-clean, octagons, and oranges, the students drew great pictures of an octopus and an ostrich as well. We made octopus puppets and created an octopus from the letter Oo. Our first vowel was interesting!

Student of the Week: Cade!!!
Upcoming Events, Week of August 24-28:
Thematic Unit: "All About Me"
Phonics: Gg
Math: Topic 2 - Positions and Locations
Tuesday, August 25: Open House, 5:30-6:30; PTO Meeting 6:30-7:00
Friday, August 28: Spirit Day - Wear purple and gold to support the PHS Tornado Football Team!

Excellent job everyone on telling me the blog password from last week. You all are super stars!! This week's blog password is: GUMBALL
Parents: Gumball starts with Gg, our letter of the week!! :)

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