Saturday, August 29, 2009

"All About Me" and the Letter Gg

"Open House" was Tuesday night and the students had a wonderful time showing their parents their classroom and some of the projects they had been working on in school. It was great to see everyone's family, thank you all for visiting our classroom!!

Our thematic unit this week was "All About Me." We read many fun books and celebrated how special we each are. The students created self portraits and we displayed them outside for everyone to see! These were fun to make and they looked just like us!

Some of the books we really enjoyed this week were Freckleface Strawberry, Today I Feel Silly, and It's Hard to be Five

The students also painted a picture of themselves. Of course they loved painting! We have these displayed in our classroom. They are beautiful pictures!
Ten little fingers, ten little toes

Two little eyes, one little nose

Put them all together and what do you got?

You've got me, and that's a lot!

As we were learning the letter Gg we did many fun activities to help us learn this letter sound. Our silly phonics sentence this week was "Gary Gorilla gobbles green grapes." We also made a gumball machine and read the book "Gus the Goat." We sang in our "goat" voices to this fun book with our goat puppets.

We also blended our first word this week and learned a new phonics rule. We learned that when a vowel is followed by a consonant, the vowel is short and we code it with a breve. We then blended and coded the word "log." We will continue to use this phonics rule to read words as we learn more letter sounds! We also introduced the sight word "the." The students have been finding this word in print all week. They have done very well in phonics, they are learning very quickly and doing a wonderful job!

On Friday we had Spirit Day. The students wore purple and gold to support the high school football team. The cheerleaders came by for a visit and read to us. This was fun and we enjoyed the cheerleaders coming to our class!

Student of the Week: ZELLA!!

Coming up this week!
Phonics: Hh
Math: Continuing Topic 2: Positions and Locations; Topic 2 Test Thursday
Thematic Unit: Family
September 4: Happy Hat Day
September 7: Labor Day Holiday - No School
September 9: Grandparents' Day Lunch

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