Friday, August 14, 2009

Ll and Names

This week we learned our first letter, the letter Ll! We did many fun activities and the students brought in some great pictures of things that began with the letter Ll. We added these to our "Letter Wall." The students were excited about learning their first letter!!

One day, we all took turns and formed the capital and lowercase Ll with our bodies. It was a lot of fun!

We also played with play dough this week. This is definitely something we'll have to try again soon, it was so much fun. The students used cookie cutters to stamp the letter L and a lion. They also got creative and made capital and lowercase Ll's by rolling the play dough. It was one of their favorite activities this week.

In addition to us learning about the letter Ll, our thematic unit this week was "Names." Most of the students were already able to write their name, but we practiced this week on writing our names correctly (capitalizing only the first letter, and forming the letters correctly). We also practiced learning our friends' names. One of the great books we read was "Chrysanthemum"

After reading this book we played some games to help us remember our friends' names. Also, we created a class graph, we counted how many letters were in each of our names and graphed them. Most of the students in our class have five letters in their name!
Another one of our favorite books from the week was "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom." This is a wonderful story and teaches us a lot about the alphabet. This week we had our first "Listening Center." The students were able to listen to this book on tape as they followed along with their own copy. They really enjoyed being able to operate the tape recorder and everyone loved wearing the headphones!
One of our art projects this week was to create our own Chicka Chicka tree. The students spelled their name on paper coconuts falling from their trees.
We love to eat yummy snacks in Kindergarten! We made edible Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees! They were fun to make and fun to eat. You can make them at home too. Here's what you need:
Apple slices (leaves)
Wafer cookies (tree)
Grapes (coconuts)
Alpha-Bit Cookies or Alpha-Bit cereal (letters falling from the tree)

Our messiest and our most fun art activity this week was to create our names using all sorts of art supplies. We used glitter, sequins, pipe cleaners, yarn, stickers and anything else that we could find to trace the letters and spell our names. Everyone loved this activity. We had to leave them at school overnight to dry and everyone was anxious to bring them home to show their families!

Student of the Week for the Week of August 10-14: Lillie!

Looking Ahead:
Next Week, August 17-21 -
Phonics: Oo
Math: Sorting
Thematic: Colors and Shapes
** Each day next week will be a "color" dress up day, you can wear a shirt that matches our color of the day! Here's the schedule:
Monday: Blue
Tuesday: Green
Wednesday: Red
Thursday: Yellow
Friday: Your favorite color
Each week I will be posting a "password" in the blog. After you read the blog, come to school and tell me the password. This lets me know that you have shared what we did at school with your family. I'll give you a special prize when you tell me the blog password for the week.
This week the password is: SQUARE

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