Sunday, May 13, 2012

Under the Sea

This week we learned all about the creatures under the sea.  This was a really fun unit and just what we needed to get pumped for summer!

We read many wonderful books to learn interesting facts about sea creatures.  The students loved reading these books and could not wait to learn something new about the ocean each day.

 Cute octopus handprints

 Coral reef puzzle

 Ocean dominos

 "Gone Fishing" game - Students used the fishing pole to collect all the numbers for their fishing boat.  Definitely a class favorite!

 Sink or float?  Students tested different objects to determine if they would sink or float.  Of course, exploring in water is always fun.

 "Go Fish" card game

 Making rainbow fish

 Another sea creature we explored was the seahorse.  Here are some cute crafts to go along with our learning. 

 Practicing number and color words with this fun beach ball writing activity. 

 Edible ocean!  The students used blue jello (ocean water) and put in some fish (Swedish fish candy), topped off with sand (crushed graham crackers), and put some vacationers in floats on top (teddy grahams in gummy life-savers). 

 Making some sweet crafts for our mom's for "Mother's Day".

 This week was "Teacher Appreciation Week".  We showed our appreciation to the cafeteria staff...

 And to Nurse Katie.

THANK YOU!!!  Everyone was so thoughtful and kind and brought me the sweetest gifts and cards this week for "Teacher Appreciation".  Your kind words meant so much, thank you for making me feel so special!

 Cassidy brought her puppy, Trixie, to visit us.

 Happy Birthday, Kileigh!

 Student of the Week: Karli

Coming Up...
Language Arts - Review of skills, sight words
Math - Review of skills, subtraction facts
Thematic Unit: Summer

Monday, May 21 - Kindergarten Beach Day - Students will celebrate a great school year with fun activities throughout the morning.  Afterwards, they will be treated to a McDonald's Happy Meal for lunch!  Wear your class T-shirt!

Tuesday, May 22 - "Awards Day" (Last day of school) - 8:00 AM (please note time change) - We will have awards day in our classroom beginning at 8:00 AM.  All students will be recognized and presented with an award.  Parents and family are encouraged to attend.  After awards day students may begin their summer vacation, regular dismissal on this day will be at 11:15 AM.

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