Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dining With Dad and Christmas

What a fun week!  We continued to celebrate Christmas and we had some very special visitors this week as well!

We took our Christmas card photo on Tuesday, Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday the students invited their dads to lunch.  We were happy to have such wonderful lunch guests. A few dads were unable to attend, we were happy to have some special moms in attendance too!

The students made this video on Tuesday, they shared why they love their dads.

Everyone made a special card and tie for their dad.

We love our dads!

Dads watching the video we made for them before going to lunch.

Enjoying a special lunch!

The other special visitor we had was Santa Claus!  We all got to visit Santa and tell him our Christmas wishes!!

 In centers this week, students played a sight word search.  They chose words from the Santa hat and read them to their group.  Then found the words on their Santa sheet.

Reindeer hats

 Writing letters to Santa.  (Parents: These letters will be in your child's folder on Monday.  I know you'll be able to get these to Santa. ;)  )

 Ready to send to the North Pole.

 We have been practicing songs all week to sing at the Christmas party.  The students made a Santa puppet to sing along with them.

 Christmas tree snacks. 

 The students used jumbo marshmallows to dip in paint and created a beautiful Christmas tree. 

 We enjoyed several Christmas books this week.  We loved "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

 These books were also great, they told stories about how Santa gets ready for Christmas Eve and how the elves are big helpers.

 And, of course, we LOVE Junie B. Jones!

 This week we learned short vowel Ee.  Charleigh brought "The Elf on the Shelf" as Show-and-Tell for this great letter.  Everyone loved the book and many shared about their special elves at home.

More E Show-and-Tell: Energizer for E

 Happy Birthday, Danielle!

 Student of the Week: Emma

Coming Up...
Phonics: Yy and Dd
Math: Larger Numbers 11-20
Thematic Unit: Christmas

December 16 - Please send your gift for the gift exchange by this Friday.

December 16 - Class T-shirt Day

Christmas Party - Tuesday, December 20 at 8:00 AM - Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend, the students will be singing a few Christmas songs that they have been practicing at school.  They will also participate in a gift exchange.  Please send a $3 - $5 book for your child to exchange no later than Friday, December 16.  Girls should send a book for a girl and boys a book for a boy.  The book should be wrapped and labeled "boy" or "girl".  Thank you!!

Props Needed - One of the songs we are practicing for the Christmas party needs a few props.  If you have a scarf and toboggan that you can send for your child to wear please do so any time this week.  We will practice with these props and keep them at school until the Christmas party.  

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