Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast and Play

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving.  The students learned so much about the first Thanksgiving and also shared with one another what they are thankful for.

Our school held a "Reading Fair" this week as well.  Our class read the book "Turkey Trouble" and worked together to complete a project board.

Watch the video as the students share what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

The students used yummy foods to create indian teepees! 

They made many wonderful crafts and keepsakes for Thanksgiving. 

Each student made a pilgrim and wrote what they were thankful for on the pilgrim.  

One of their favorite activities, making pinecone turkeys!  We also used these to decorate the tables for the Thanksgiving feast. 

For the last few weeks the students have been working hard to learn a play about the first Thanksgiving.  They took all the great things they learned about the pilgrims journey on the Mayflower, their friendship with the Wampanoag indians and the celebration of the first harvest and performed a great play.

Watch the video below to see their play!

The students performed the play for their families.  Afterwards, the students enjoyed a delicious feast prepared by the wonderful parents and grandparents in our class.  THANK YOU to all who helped, we are thankful to have such wonderful families!

For snack one day Kileigh and her mom brought us yummy Thanksgiving cupcakes.  Thank you!

This week we got very busy on Friday afternoon performing and feasting.  Everyone was not able to get a prize out of the treasure box or announce "Student of the Week".  We will do all of this first thing Monday morning.  STUDENT OF THE WEEK IS....JACOB!

Coming Up...
Phonics: Zz and Cc
Math: Larger Numbers, 11-20
Thematic Unit: Christmas Around the World

December 6 - Santa Photo Day - Santa Claus is visiting PLE on Tuesday, December 6.  Students may get their photo with Santa for $5 (please send cash only).  Students may wear Christmas-themed clothes (red, green, etc.) on this day rather than their school uniforms.

December 7 - Dining with Dad - We are inviting all dads to lunch with their child on Wednesday, December 7.  Each class has a specific lunch time, our class will go to lunch at 12:00 PM.  Please meet in our classroom and we will walk together to the cafeteria.  Also, dads may take their child to the "Santa Shop" afterwards.

December 20 - Class Christmas Party @ 8:00 AM - Students will be exchanging gifts at the party, each child will need to bring a $3 - $5 story book to exchange.  Girls will need to bring a book for a girl and boys a book for a boy.  Please send the book wrapped and ready to be exchanged.  Please send all books to school no later than Friday, December 16.

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