Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apples and Aa

This week we learned the letter Aa, we learned the short sound as in "apple".  The unit this week was "Apples", so we had a great time connecting our phonics and our unit throughout the week!

Ants on A

The students ate ants on a log!  (Raisins (ants), Mud (peanut butter) and a log (wafer cookie))

Completing the sentence, "I ate ants on a log!".

Play-doh A's!

A is for Apple

Apple Puppets

Singing the "A is for Apple" song with their apple puppets.

Each students brought their favorite apple to school this week.  We learned many great things about apples!  Here the students worked together to graph the apples, our class had the most red apples. 

We read some wonderful books that told us all about apples.  We learned about John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed), we learned how apple trees grew throughout the seasons, how farmers pick apples at an apple orchard, and many more great facts about this delicious fruit.

One of their favorite activities was the "Apple Investigation".  The students used "investigation glasses" to inspect their apples and recorded their information on the clipboards.  They loved being investigators and were super smart with their special investigation glasses!

Exploring the inside of an apple.

Weighing the apples

Measuring the height of the apple and recording their findings.

Apple Prints

The best part: tasting the apple!

A is also for alligator!  Students made a puppet with an alligator eating an apple.

More practice at the computer center.

Working hard learning numbers

This week the students read their first book!!  How exciting for everyone!!  Their phonics reader for this week was "Hot, Hot, Hot".  Everyone worked very hard to sound out and read this book.  They also were able to take home their phonics libraries, every other week they will get a new reader to add to their libraries.  Practice these books at home, help your child sound out the words and read the book to you.  The more they practice they better they will be able to read!

To conclude all the apple fun we had an "Apple Feast".  We learned that there are many foods made from apples, we enjoyed apple juice, apple pie, apple butter, apple jelly, apple sauce and fresh apple slices.
*Please note, we enjoyed the apple feast after recess, you'll notice that some of us had lots of fun outside! :) *
Apple Pie

Apple Sauce

Apple Jelly and Apple Butter

Apple Juice

Fresh Apple Slices

Jace brought carmel apple suckers for us to enjoy too!

Yummy apples!!

After the feast, everyone had a favorite apple food, we then graphed everyone's favorite.

Looks like apple pie was the favorite!

For show and tell this week we had some special "A" items, Captain America, Andy's Woody, an athlete, and Atlanta Braves baseball.  Great job!

Student of the Week: Systre'n

Coming Up...
Phonics: Nn
Math: Numbers 0-10
Thematic Unit: Fall
Sight Words/High Frequency Words: not, at, the, a, I, my, name, all color words (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, white, brown, pink, purple) and all number words zero-ten

Sight Words: Please practice sight words with your child at home, a great way to do this is by using flashcards.  These are words that will be in their readers and it will help them read more fluently.  Also by knowing these words it will help them begin to write and spell.  As we add words at school, add words to your flashcard deck at home.

Friday, September 30 - Spirit Shirt Day - Wear a Purvis T-shirt on Friday to support the PHS football team.

Fall Break: October 10 & 11 - No School

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  1. I love the investigation glasses they wore! How fun! I was so proud to hear Cruz read his book! His 2 year old sister,Lola, showed it to their grandmama and was saying, "Hot, hot, hot!" to show that she could read too ;-)

  2. That is great, Ashley!! So glad Cruz was reading it to you all at home! All the kids were so proud that they could read their first book. :)