Monday, September 5, 2011

All About Me, Letter Hh, and Grandparents' Day

What a fun and eventful week!!

The "Book Fair" was this week, thank you to the parents and grandparents that purchased books for their child.  Your support for our library is greatly appreciated!!

On Tuesday, we had "Grandparents' Day Lunch".  This is a special day and the students love to have their grandparents at school.

Enjoy the following "Grandparents' Day" video.  The students sing a song, followed by pictures from the day.

Everyone enjoyed a fun lunch.

Tuesday night was "Open House", we had an excellent family attendance.  Thank you!!

 The students loved making a special craft for "Open House", they painted their feet for a sign that read "Walk On In".  It was a great addition and very welcoming for parents to see as they entered our classroom. 

This week we learned the letter "Hh".  What a "hoppy" letter!!  We participated in many H-themed activities.

Enjoy the "Hh Week" video, the students sing a funny H-song, there is footage from our "Hopping Contest" and hula-hooping, and many more fun pictures.

Hearts for H

Heart cupcakes!

A favorite activity was the "Hopping Contest."  Make sure to watch the video to see the hopping in action.  

Hula-hooping for H (more hula-hoop action on the video!).  

The unit this week was "All About Me".  We read many great books that reminded us how special we all are.  

Painting self-portraits 

Everyone traced their bodies to make an "All About Me" collage.  They added a picture of their family and pictures cut from magazines of some of their favorite things. 

We explored a lot this week with technology.  The students are already becoming computer pros.

Everyone was also assigned their own "voter" this week.  This is a fun tool that we have that works with our Promethean board.  The students can "vote" for lunch each morning and also participate in many fun games as a class by responding through their voter.  They were very proud to receive these this week.

As you can see, they were pumped to use the "voters".

Mrs. Melissa, Barrett and Houtson's mom, came by to help us with snack.  Everyone enjoyed making their own snack combinations.

Student of the Week: Cody

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