Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of School

Hi, it's me, Ms. Marzoni!!!  Welcome to our class blog.  I will keep the blog updated each week with pictures of all the fun we have in Kindergarten.  I hope you enjoy checking it each week!

The first day of Kindergarten was loads of fun!  Our classroom is ready to go for another great school year!

Junie B. Jones was outside of our class to welcome everyone.  We will read all of the "Junie B. Jones Kindergartner" books throughout the year.  She is always one of the students' favorite story book characters.  

Ms. Marzoni and Mrs. Guthrie ready for Kindergarten

During the first day we did many activities to learn about our new friends.  The students enjoyed playing this game, they all shared their favorite foods, colors, pets, and what they were looking forward to in Kindergarten.

We read the book "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn.  This is a great "first day" book.  It tells the story of a young raccoon that is scared to start school.  But the young raccoon is brave and remembers his mother's kind words throughout his busy time at school.  

We made our own kissing-hand projects.

Everyone loved playing with the blocks!

One of our favorite activities was making a "Friendship Salad." This is a fun recipe to help us learn how to be good friends and helpers in our classroom.
Here's the recipe:
large mixing bowl
1 jar of Mandarin oranges, drained
1 can of pineapple, drained
1 can of mixed fruit, drained
1 very old and rotten banana

Begin by explaining that the large mixing bowl is like our classroom, there are many important things that need to go into our classroom to make it a fun place to learn.

Add the oranges, explain that the oranges are like our friends that follow directions and are kind.Add the pineapple, explain that the pineapple are like our friends that are hard workers in our class. They are always trying their best and they are "busy bees."

Add the mixed fruit, explain that these are the friends that share. They work together well in centers and share their supplies.Add the marshmallows, these are the kinds words spoken in our classroom. These words make us feel good and make our classroom a happy place.

Add the yogurt, the yogurt is sweet and represents the happy days we will have in Kindergarten.

Then pretend to add the rotten banana, ask students if they would like to eat the salad once the banana has been added. Explain that when we don't share and are not kind it is like adding something old and rotten to our salad. Things like this will add trouble to our classroom.

 We discuss ways to keep our classroom happy and agree to have a fun time learning in Kindergarten.

The students really enjoyed this activity and the salad was YUMMY!

It was a GREAT first day!!  I am looking forward to many more great days in Kindergarten!!

Coming Up....
Phonics: Ll
Math: Shapes
Thematic Unit: Our School

At the end of each post I will post a "blog password."  When your child tells me the password at school they will get a special prize.  This lets me know they have shared what we did at school with you at home.  But remember the password is top secret, so be sure to whisper when you tell it to me at school. :)

Since we are learning the letter L this week the blog password is:  LION

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