Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to School and Letter Ll

The first week of Kindergarten was busy and fun!

We continued getting to know cool things about our classmates.  The students each shared something that made them special with everyone!

We read many great books about starting Kindergarten.

We enjoyed a series of "Gingerbread" books, these books tell a funny story about a gingerbread man that runs away and everyone goes searching for him.  

We pretended to go on a gingerbread hunt through our school, visiting the people and places at our school.  

 The library...

 The cafeteria...



 Speech room...

 School nurse...

 School counselor...

 And we finally caught up with the gingerbread man at our principal's office!  Mrs. Downs gave each of us a gingerbread cookie to enjoy!

Here is a video of us touring the school, just click to enjoy! (All videos will be posted as "private" on YouTube.  You will have to link through our website to access).

 In phonics, we learned the letter Ll.

 We made many great projects practicing this letter sound.


Forming "L" and "l" with our bodies.

Drawing pictures of things that start with "L" in our journal.

 Painting lion masks.


Ladybug thumbprints on L.

One of our favorite L activities was making lemonade and limeade!

Everyone worked hard to squeeze the lemons and limes.

Adding sugar for the lemonade.

Now for the limeade.

 Taste Test!!

 Everyone voted for which they liked better, lemonade or limeade.

And the lemonade wins, it was close!

In math we began learning about shapes.  We made play-doh shapes in centers. 

 Shape puzzles

 This week we celebrated three birthdays!

Happy Birthday Joseph and Jacob!!

 Happy Birthday, Systre'n!

 Student of the Week: Cassidy

What a fun first week!

Coming up next week...
Phonics: Oo
Math: Shapes and Sorting
Thematic Unit: Colors and Shapes

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