Sunday, May 1, 2011


This week we learned about zoo animals.  This was a fun unit for us because we enjoyed visiting the San Diego Zoo website and learning about all the characteristics of these fun animals.  We learned many great facts about animals, like did you know that the toucan is a cousin to the woodpecker?  Or that the giraffe is the tallest mammal and the elephant is the largest land mammal?  And how about the chimpanzee is known as the "knuckle-walker"?  The students loved learning all about these interesting animals!

Monkey craft

Handprint giraffes  

Practicing our lacing skills with animal shapes, time to learn how to tie those shoes if we don't know already!

Completing addition and subtraction problems using animal crackers. 

Students traced their footprints to make zebra or giraffe heads, then added bodies for some cute zoo art. 

Creating rhyming words and word families on snakes, we called them "Rhyming Rattlers"!

Barrel of Monkeys!

To conclude on fun unit, the students all brought a zoo stuffed animal to school on Friday.  We sorted and graphed these in many ways.  We graphed them by feathers, scales, or fur; land, sea, or air; bears or cats, etc.

We are winding down our phonics lessons but still learning many new things.  This week the students got into groups and raced to see how fast they could put their letter titles in alphabetical order.  The record time was 1 minute, 26 seconds!

Student of the Week: Paige

Coming Up...
Phonics: combinations or, ar, er
Math: Review skills
Thematic Unit: Space

Thursday, May 5 - Cinco de Mayo - Students will celebrate this Mexican holiday with a fiesta in class.  We will eat lunch in the classroom (tacos with chips and cheese dip) and then have some fun with a pinata.  It is sure to be a blast!  Students are also encouraged to dress-up on Thursday, so wear your brightly colored clothes, ponchos, sombreros, whatever you have!  Come ready for a fiesta!

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