Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hippity, Hoppity, Happy Easter!!

This week was loads of fun!  We celebrated Easter and learned a new phonics rule.  We learned all about "sneaky e".  We acted out this fun phonics rule each day.  We pretened that sneaky e hid behind a consonant and "scared" the vowel into "saying it's name".  Translation:  A vowel is long when it is followed by a consonant and silent e (vowel-consonant-sneaky e).  The students loved acting this out each day!

We continued practicing reading, writing, and creating sentences with sight words.  I hope you're practicing these words at home too!

Easter-math fun on the Promethean board.

Graphing and adding sets with jelly beans

Listening Center - "The Big Bunny and the Easter Eggs"

Watercolor paints!

Cute little "chickadees" made from egg shapes.

Decorating Easter eggs 

Making bunny cards for our families.

Lamb craft 

Peep bird nest

We ended the week with a big Easter egg hunt!  All of Kindergarten participated, parents help hide over 1,000 eggs!!  You would be surprised how fast Kindergarten-ers can find 1,000 eggs!

With baskets in hand, everyone is ready to hunt!


Everyone found many eggs and were so kind to share with others who need a few more eggs in their baskets. 

Following the hunt, we went back to our class for a party!

Thanks to the parents who helped with all the snacks!

We definitely know how to party!

Tyler brought everyone their own jump rope.  Thanks, T-Man!

Student of the Week: Brayden

Coming Up...
Phonics: digraph ch
Math: Topic 16 - Graphing
Thematic Unit: Zoo

- No School Monday, April 25 - 

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