Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 2011!

Welcome back!  Everyone had a great Christmas and New Year break and were excited to be back to school Thursday.  We had a short two day week but enjoyed being back at school!

We made "Happy New Year" hats to celebrate 2011!

Everyone loved sharing all the wonderful gifts they got for Christmas and all the fun they had while they were away from school.  Everyone wrote a thank you note to Santa, thanking him for the wonderful toys they received. 

We all had a fun couple of days back and are looking forward to a full week next week!

Coming Up:
Phonics: Ee
Math: Topic 9 - Measurement
Thematic Unit: Bears
January 14 - Kindergarten Pajama Day - Students may wear pj's to school on this day, please make sure they are still school appropriate.  Girls may want to wear leggings, tights, or shorts under nightgowns if not wearing pajama pants.  Students may wear slippers but can also bring an additional pair of tennis shoes to wear to recess.  This week is also "Teddy Bear" week, so in addition to wearing your pajamas also bring your favorite teddy bear to school with you on this day.

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