Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

This week was so much fun!  We began our week with "Dining With Dad," we invited our dads to lunch and to our classrooms.  This was a special lunch date.  The students all made a special card for their dad and a tie for them to wear on their special lunch date.  The cards were extra special, it is fun to read the students' responses to questions about their dad.  We all enjoyed a fun lunch and enjoy the special day!  Thanks so all the dads and granddads who made the day great!

On Thursday, we had another special lunch.  The cafeteria made Christmas dinner for us.  Everyone wore reindeer hats and Rudolph noses and enjoyed the delicious meal.

The week we learned the letter Cc.  We learned all about this fun letter and enjoyed the book "If You Give A Cat A Cupcake."  We enjoyed the book so much that we decorate giant a "C" with "cupcakes!"

Enjoyed Christmas games on the Promethean Board

A fun game that everyone enjoyed this week was this number word game.  Hidden in the Santa hat are multi-colored Santa shapes with number words one - ten typed on them.  Each student reach in a chose a Santa card, read the number word to their group, then everyone found the matching number on their paper and wrote the word.  It was many steps but they all worked hard and did a wonderful job!

Christmas Tree Snacks!  We used sugar cones, frosting, M&M's, and gumdrops to recreate a yummy snack.

We have been busy making many keepsakes for Christmas.  We have been saving them at school and the students are eager to share them all with you!  They will be taking all their great artwork home after the Christmas party this week.

Everyone wrote letters to Santa.  We are going to finish addressing them this week, we'll leave it up to Mom and Dad to get this extra special letters to the North Pole in time :)

Another fun game was "Sight Word Santa".  Much like the number word game, the students chose a Santa card from the stocking.  They read the sight word to their table and found the matching word on the Santa page, then colored it to match the card.  Fun times learning!

A favorite activity is making "Reindeer Food."  We made a magical combination of oatmeal, sugar and glitter (the magical component).  Everyone knows to sprinkle a little reindeer food in your yard Christmas Eve and that will let Rudolph and the other reindeer know to stop by your house.

Friday afternoon we made some sweet treats for Santa.  We decorate sugar cookies to set out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  We know he'll need an extra treat after laying out all our presents!

We ended our week by seeing a great performance by the second graders.  They performed the musical "The Incredible Reindeer."  It was an excellent performance that we all enjoyed!  The second graders did a fabulous job and we loved the songs and the costumes!

Happy Birthday, Brayden!

Coming Up:
Phonics: Review
Math: Review
Thematic Unit: Christmas

Tuesday, December 21 - Christmas Party at 8:15 AM - Students are allowed to wear Christmas clothes on Tuesday.  At our party the students have a couple of songs to share with you all, also they will be sharing with you all of the artwork and keepsakes they have made during our Christmas time, everyone will exchange gifts in the book swap, and then we will enjoy yummy Christmas snacks.  We hope that you are able to come and share in the fun.

Tuesday, December 21 - EARLY DISMISSAL - The lower elementary will begin dismissal at 11:15 AM.  Any students that have not checkout after the Christmas party (buses, car riders and daycare) will be dismissed at this time.

January 6 - Students return to school from Christmas break.  Due to the two day week, there will be no folders or homework sent home on January 6 & 7.

January 10 - 14: We will be back in full swing with a normal schedule with folders and homework

January 14 - Kindergarten Pajama Day - Students may wear pj's to school on this day, please make sure they are still school appropriate.  Girls may want to wear leggings, tights, or shorts under nightgowns if not wearing pajama pants.  Students may wear slippers but can also bring an additional pair of tennis shoes to wear to recess.  This week is also "Teddy Bear" week, so in addition to wearing your pajamas also bring your favorite teddy bear to school with you on this day.

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