Sunday, November 7, 2010


This week was "Cowboy" week.  We began with a demonstration from a real cowboy and cowgirl.  They taught us all about how to saddle a horse and many of the important things you need to know and do when taking care of horses.  Our favorite guest was their horse, "Buck," he was very friendly!

We learned that the American cowboy lived in the "Wild Wild West" and there are many cactus there.  We all made our own cactus and used spaghetti noodles for the pointy spines.

Everyone also made paper cowboy hats, this got everyone in the mood to say "Howdy, Partner!"

We also learned that when cowboys where taking long cattle drives they had to camp out at night, many times eating beans for supper.  We used cowboy beans to practice our counting.

More cowboys and cowgirls!

Every cowboy needs a horse

Using the Promethean board to practice counting, patterns, and sorting with cowboy games.

Cowboy boot designs

For snack one day we had "cowpatties"!!  Actually they were no-bake, chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal cookies.  But it was fun to pretend!

We ended the week with cowboy dress-up day, everyone looked rootin' tootin' cute!

One of the Homework Hero activities was to create a rainbow because we learned the letter R this week.  Good work, guys, on these at-home creations!  Remember everyone can participate each week in Homework Heros, check your child's folder for each week's activities.

Student of the Week: Anna

Coming Up:
Phonics: Kk
Math: Topic 6 - Comparing Numbers
Thematic Unit: Pilgrims and Indians

Friday, November 12 - Deadline for ordering 2010-2011 PLE yearbooks.  The yearbooks will be in full color and will be delivered in May.  They are $33.00, make checks payable to "PLE."

Friday, November 19 - Reading Fair

Friday, November 19 - Our class will be having a Thanksgiving dinner in our classroom this day.  Students will not be eating lunch in the cafeteria.  Also, the students are practicing a short presentation of the first Thanksgiving to present before the Thanksgiving dinner on that day.  We hope to see you there!  If you would like to help with the feast please contact me through email ( or send note in your child's folder.  Thanks!!

November 22-26: Thanksgiving Holidays - No School - 

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