Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet Treats for Christmas

This was a busy and fun week in Kindergarten! We continued our unit on "Christmas" and learned the letter Zz. The students made these super cute zebras, they traced their foot for the head and used black paper as embellishments to create this zany zebra. The students also added another book to their phonics library, "Zip", a funny story about a zig, zag, zebra named Zip. Everyone is doing a great job reading, keep practicing at home and share some of your phonics books with your family over the Christmas holidays.

During the week of Thanksgiving, Mama Jane visited us and taught us "Silent Night" in sign-language. We have been practicing this song for the last couple of weeks and they are doing a wonderful job. Here they are showing off all their hard work!

Christmas time means lots of fun crafts. This week we made glittered, bell ornaments. Everyone was excited to bring them home and add them to their Christmas trees in their home.

We also made some sweet treats this week. We know that Santa will be working hard on Christmas Eve so we made him cookies. But of course we made some for us to eat too! After sampling some of the yummy cookies, we packaged the rest to save for Santa.

Another sweet treat that we made was a yummy gingerbread house. Everyone loved the gingerbread smell and it was fun to use candy and icing to build this yummy house. After all that hard work, we broke it apart and enjoyed all our efforts.


Our yummy creation!

My grandmother sent us a beautiful gingerbread house, it was a "Purvis" gingerbread house! We loved it!! We're saving it for decoration!

Here we are with both of our gingerbread houses!

One of our favorite resources is our Promethean Board. We use it everyday and LOVE it!! We visited two good friends, Annie and Moby, from Brain Pop, Jr. this week ( They told us all about winter and the seasons, afterwards we took turns drawing our favorite winter activity.

Another fun keepsake we made were these cute hand print Santa's. Here's the cute poem we put with these Santa's -

My little hand

round and fat

turned into Santa

Just like that!

The wonderful ladies in the cafeteria cooked us Christmas dinner this week. We wore our Rudolph hats and noses to dinner. It was great and we loved being dressed up at lunch!

Last week we decorated our class Christmas trees. This week we decorated our Kindergarten tree. Each grade has their own tree on their hall, every class contributes ornaments and the tree is beautiful! We made glittered and sequined Christmas tree ornaments.

There are many great books to read at Christmas. Here are a few of the great books we enjoyed this week.

Student of the Week: Zach

Coming Up:

Phonics: Cc

Math: Topic 8 - Fractions and Positional Words

Thematic: Christmas Around the World

Monday, December 14 - WCC Play $3.00

Tuesday, December 16 - Pizza with Pops, 11:40 AM lunch time

Friday, December 18 - Project Fit America ribbon cutting, 10:30 AM

Friday, December 18 - Deadline for donations for Christmas Child

Tuesday, December 22 - Christmas Party, 8:15 AM

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