Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas and Lots of Videos!!

We had a busy and fun week in Kindergarten! Wednesday was "Pizza with Pop." Dads were invited to a lunch date with their child. We all enjoyed visiting with our special dads and having lunch with them. Each student made a special tie for their dad to wear to lunch. Check out the video of all our fun below!

A great book we read was, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." This books shares the lyrics from this classic Christmas song and it is illustrated by Steven Kellogg. As we were reading this book we couldn't help but sing the words rather than just read them. So we sang this wonderful book! The video below shares the fun we had with this Christmas song.

At the beginning of December we wrote letters to Santa. We placed these special letters in an envelope and addressed them to "Santa Claus" at the "North Pole." There were many special items on our lists. In the video below the students share their Christmas lists.

We know Santa will be hard at work Christmas Eve, but he couldn't do it without Rudolph! Last week we made cookies for Santa, so this week we made "Reindeer Food." This magical mixture should be sprinkled on your lawn on Christmas Eve to feed the reindeer. It was fun to make and we enjoyed reindeer cookies afterwards.

One of our favorite crafts was creating "peanut reindeer." We used peanut shells and pretzel sticks to create reindeer in a snowy picture. They were so cute!

A yummy treat we enjoyed were these Christmas trees. We used sugar cones, green icing, M&M's and gumdrops to create these trees. Fun to make and yummy to eat!

We have been decorating our classroom throughout the month. One of our finishing touches was to add red and green paper garland. We strung this crafty decoration around the doorway and all the cubbies. It's just what our room needed to complete the Christmas look! Mama Jane even stopped by one day to help us and to share some great Christmas books!!

Creating Christmas Poinsettias
We learned the letter Cc this week and a new phonics rule. We learned that Cc comes before a, o, u and the consonants and that Kk comes before e, i, and y. We practiced this throughout the week and will continue to read books that reinforce this new rule. We made cupcake Cc's to celebrate this crazy-cool letter!

Our classroom adopted a child for Christmas. The students and their families collected toys and clothes for our Christmas Child. Everyone was so happy to give their gifts and it was a wonderful opportunity to share the real meaning of Christmas. Thank you, thank you, everyone who helped give our Christmas Child a wonderful Christmas!!

Zach celebrated his 6th birthday on December 16, Happy Birthday, Zach!

Student of the Week: Carolina
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