Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ron Clark Academy!!!

My school district invited Ron Clark to speak to all of our teachers and staff at the beginning of the school year.  Ron Clark is a middle school teacher in Atlanta.  But he is much more than that!  He has a phenomenal story and started his own middle school in Atlanta.

Just a little background…

Ron Clark was a teacher in his home state of North Carolina and wanted to make a difference.  He moved to Harlem and began teaching a group of students that had the lowest test scores in the school district.  In just one year he took this group of low performing students from the lowest in the school district to the top scoring group by the end of the school year.  He has written several books and went on to start the Ron Clark Academy.

He was even named Oprah Winfrey's first "Phenomenal Man" and also went to Africa to train the teachers at Oprah's school.  And they made a movie about him too!  "The Ron Clark Story" starring Matthew Perry.  Needless to say, he's kind of a big deal :)

When I heard Ron Clark speak to our school district in August I was so inspired by him and wished that I could visit his school one day.  Well, that day came!!  I had the privilege of visiting the Ron Clark Academy (RCA) over Spring Break.  And it was amazing!

When we arrived at RCA all the students were there to welcome us.  And this wasn't your normal "Hello", they were in full song and dance.  Ron Clark incorporates movement, innovation and creativity into all aspects of his teaching and into the school.  He brings the learning to where the students are and makes it relevant.  All the students are brilliant and are extremely articulate and well spoken.  It is like a dream school!

More celebration and dancing to get the day started.

Ron Clark welcoming us!

We were some very excited teachers!

Throughout the day we were able to visit the classrooms at RCA.  We were able to sit in on one of Ron Clark's classes and see how he teaches.  His enthusiasm is contagious!  It was an amazing experience!

As you may have noticed, there is a large blue slide right in the middle of the school.  Ron Clark takes everything to the next level, so why not have a giant slide in the school, right?!  As the finale for the day, everyone slides down to get "Slide Certified".

I didn't come down the slide like this, ha!  This was after all the excitement, everyone had a time for pictures.  :)

Ron Clark wishing us safe travels home.

More photo opps!

If he is ever hiring, I know three teachers that would be interested!

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